Pre-Order: Walking Distance by Lizzy Stewart Bookplate Edition

Pre-Order: Walking Distance by Lizzy Stewart Bookplate Edition


This item is offered for pre-order and will be available from October 4th, 2019. Orders may be cancelled any time up until the date of release for a full refund. In the event of a drop in price before release, the excess paid will be refunded.

by Lizzy Stewart

Signed by Lizzy Steward

Published by Avery Hill

Walking Distance will be launched at the Avery Hill Launch Party with B.Mure and Lizzy Stewart on Monday the 9th of September, 7 - 9 pm.
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Walking Distance is Lizzy Stewart's poignant and contemporary essay on the experience of being a woman out walking. Merging the personal and the political, observation and contemplation, Lizzy examines what her life is and wonders what it should be; what is expected of a thirty year old woman by society, by family and friends and by herself. She walks the streets of her London, creating it and herself. Gaining agency by being in control of her own direction, speed and momentum. Walking is both an internal and external experience. A time for self-reflection, for observing others and for imagining how we appear to them. What is expected of a person of our age, sex and race and how should that influence

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