They're Not Like Us vol. 1 Bookplate Edition

They're Not Like Us vol. 1 Bookplate Edition


Exclusive to Gosh!

by Eric Stephenson & Simon Gane

Published by Image Comics


Bookplate limited to 50 numbered plates, signed by Eric Stephenson

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Eisner-nominated Nowhere Men writer Eric Stephenson teams up with red-hot artist Simon Gane for an all-new ongoing series! We all have advantages over one another, but what if you were capable of things most of us can only imagine? What would you do — and who would you be? A doctor? An athlete? A soldier? A hero? Everyone has to make a choice about how to use the abilities they're born with... but they're not like us.

The tip-in bookplate is printed at A6 (4-1/8 x 5-7/8 in) on high quality card, and is limited to 50 numbered copies, signed by Eric Stephenson.

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