Spinning Bookplate Edition

Spinning Bookplate Edition


Exclusive to Gosh!

by Tillie Walden

Published by Selfmadehero


Bookplate limited to 200 numbered plates, signed by Tillie Walden

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Tillie Walden has delivered an achingly beautiful coming-of-age story. Using the unique backdrop of competitive ice skating, she tells an autobiographical story of a her teenage years. While my knowledge of competitive skating barely extends beyond Michelle Kwan and Nancy and Tonya, her experiences – from her relationship with her parents, to understanding her sexuality – come across so strongly and are so relatable within this captivating setting that even a complete skating neophyte will feel right at home. It made me ache for teenage Tillie, remembering those moments of fighting with everyone’s expectations to figure out the life that is ours. The use of the skating microcosm and her poetic way with words make this 400 page book finish all too quickly.

The tip-in bookplate is printed at A6 (4-1/8 x 5-7/8 in) on high quality card, and is limited to 200 numbered copies, signed by Tillie Walden.

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