Pre-Order: Rain Signed by Bryan Talbot and Mary M Talbot

Pre-Order: Rain Signed by Bryan Talbot and Mary M Talbot

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By Mary M Talbot and Bryan Talbot

Published by Jonathan Cape


Signed by Bryan Talbot and Mary M Talbot

Bryan Talbot and Mary M Talbot will be signing in the shop on Saturday, October the 26th from 1-2pm.
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Our monthly reading group Reads will be discussing Rain as it’s November title. Reads books are always 10% off both in the store and online in the month before the reading group meets. To join in just come along on Wednesday the 13th November, 7-9 pm, to tell us what you think. Don’t worry if it’s your first time, we’ll make sure you feel right at home!
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A stunning new graphic novel and rallying cry to protect the planet, from the Costa-award-winning authors of Dotter of Her Father’s Eyes.

Set against the backdrop of disastrous flooding in the North of England, Rain dramatically chronicles the developing relationship between two young women, one of whom is a committed environmental campaigner. Their wild Brontë moorland is being criminally mismanaged. Birds and animals are being slaughtered. Across the country, crops are being systematically poisoned, even the soil itself. Rain centres on one relatively small example of moorland ownership by an elite group that impacts catastrophically on the unlanded majority living in the valley below. But the campaigners know that ‘a million other valleys need saving’. They need saving not just for the sake of their human inhabitants, but for the insects and plants, birds and mammals and all the other inhabitants large and small that we share this planet with – our non-human fellow earthlings.

Rain is the first contemporary graphic novel from Bryan and Mary Talbot, dealing with the here and now of environmental degradation that threatens us all. The story follows the everyday experiences of ordinary people, while engaging with pollution, climate change, moorland mismanagement and the disruption, misery and loss that these things bring. The characters are fictitious; what's happening around them is shockingly real.

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