Pre-order Dull Margaret Bookplate Edition signed by Jim Broadbent and Dix

Pre-order Dull Margaret Bookplate Edition signed by Jim Broadbent and Dix


Talk and signing with Jim Broadbent and DIX - Tuesday 26th of June, 7.30-9 pm.

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By Jim Broadbent and DIX

Published by Fantagraphics


Signed by Jim Broadbent and DIX

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Inspired by Dulle Griet, a 16th-century painting by Pieter Bruegel the Elder, Dull Margaret is the first graphic novel by Academy Award-winning actor Jim Broadbent (Harry PotterGame of Thrones) and acclaimed Guardian cartoonist Dix (Roll Up! Roll Up!).

Dull Margaret leads a miserable life hunting slippery, slimy eels to sell at the marketplace. In town, she finds that she does not belong: the locals shun her, steal from her, and send her away to her crude shack far away from civilization. Fed up with the cruel world, she decides to take fate into her own hands, mixing a witch’s brew to bring her friendship and riches. But she soon learns to be careful what she wishes for, as this powerful magic sends her down a series of shocking and gruesome twists and turns. Intense, bleak, and darkly humorous, Dull Margaret is one of the most unexpected and original graphic novels of 2018.