Pre-Order: Perforated Eardrum!!! Signed by Clara Heathcock and Patrick Wray

Pre-Order: Perforated Eardrum!!! Signed by Clara Heathcock and Patrick Wray


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by Clara Heathcock and Patrick Wray

A4 Zine

Signed by Clara Heathcock and Patrick Wray

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In 2016 jobbing music critic Clara Heathcock got her first column at The 405. Two days later, she burst her eardrum, and on, doctor's orders, spent over a month unable to listen to music, go to any loud public place, or wash her hair with anything besides dry shampoo (lest water get in her ear; not that the dry shampoo marked a dramatic change from her usual routine, to be fair). Remarkably, The 405 let her keep the column and write about not listening to music instead. What followed was a series of painstakingly wrought essay's about missing music. Each essay relates to a particular song or artist: David Bowie, Julie Ruin, Life Without Buildings and Kate Nash among others. When, two years later, she was still receiving emails about the project, she decided to give it a print form and bought illustrator Patrick Wray on board. Patrick produced an astonishing array of 12 full-colour illustrations that bought the texts to life. Strange, funny, vibrant and frenetic, they form the perfect accompaniment to texts about longing for the comfort and connection of the perfect song playing through your headphones on the long walk home. Perforated Eardrum: Essays and Drawings about Music and Pain is the result of Clara and Patrick's collaboration.

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