By Nidhi Chanani

Published by First Second


Recommended for children of 10-14 years

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Priyanka is an Indian-American teen who wants to know more about her Indian heritage and her absent father, but her mother refuses to speak with her about either subject. When she finds a magical pashmina hidden away in an old suitcase, she is transported to a magical India filled with colour and excitement, an expression of all of her dreams of the country. But when she finally has the chance to visit herself, will the reality match the dream, and will she really want to hear the answers to all those questiuons she had been asking? A neat little book that uses colour to tremendous effect when we’re transported into the vision of India that Priyanka sees when she dons the pashmina. The issues it addresses of second generation cultural alienation from parents and their country of origin are handled with sensitivity and understanding, told through the eyes of a relatable, likeable lead character.

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