My Brother's Husband vol. 1

My Brother's Husband vol. 1


By Gengoroh Tagame

Published by Pantheon


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My Brother’s Husband is one of the most touching and heart warming stories I’ve ever come across. Yaichi is a single father bringing up his young daughter Kana in a small Japanese town. His estranged twin brother has recently passed away while living in Canada. He receives a surprise visit from his brother’s widow, Mike. Mike, in the throes of grief, wants to learn about his husband’s country and culture. For their part, Yaichi and Kana’s quiet life is turned upside down as they learn about the openly gay life his brother lived. The story follows the day-to-day struggle of overcoming cultural differences, and the changes they must all make. The book takes the reader through a fascinating cross-cultural education around gay stereotypes, Japanese taboos, and dealing with grief.

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