M.F.K. Vol. 1

M.F.K. Vol. 1


By Nilah Magruder

Published by Insight Editions


Recommended for children of 10-14 years

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On a journey to scatter her mother’s ashes, a mysterious girl named Abbie wanders out of a sand storm and into a village beset by its own problems. Abbie doesn’t want to be a hero, wants nothing more than to be left alone, but the townspeople have been cowed into passivity by powerful marauders, and a hero might be just what they need. With the aid of Jamie, nephew to the town doctor who heals her, she reluctantly takes up the cause. A magical mix of fantasy and western, with a memorable lead character whose complexity elevates this book above a lot of similar material. Deftly blending slapstick comedy, drama and action, writer and artist Nilah Magruder has created a series we eagerly await the next volume of!

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