By Connor Willumsen

Published by Koyama Press


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Connor Willumsen's first complete graphic novel release is a surreal triumph. Having previously worked on such wide-ranging projects as Punisher MAX for Marvel, Criterion's editions of David Cronenberg's Scanners, and the serialised Treasure Island for Breakdown Press, a new work from this inspirational artist is very welcome. Following the young technophile couple Spyda and Lynxa through a post-climate disaster world (where commerce appears to be chugging along fine regardless), the book explores the minute dramas of their relationship, and their efforts to stave off tedium with cinema, drug taking and shopping, in an effortlessly humane and believable way, despite the setting. Illustrated with a virtuoso command of pose and movement, with imaginative and surreal flourishes throughout, Anti-Gone is one of the year's most impressive releases.

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