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Avery Hill Book Launch: The Tower in the Sea & Walking Distance


We’re celebrating the release of two terrific new Avery Hill titles on Friday 4th October, 7-9pm, as B. Mure and Lizzy Stewart launch their latest books The Tower in the Sea and Walking Distance!

B. Mure’s The Tower in the Sea is the third in his series of Ismyre books, which we absolutely devour on release. These tales of urban life and magic are unique in their feel and look, and each is accessible to new readers in its own right (though we recommend reading Ismyre and Terrible Means!)

Off the coast of Ismyre, a group of illicit magicians have been gathering for years, schooling others in the ways of long forgotten divinations. From high up in this forbidden home, a young scholar keeps dreaming terrible visions and looks out across the ocean for answers...

Lizzy Stewart’s new book, Walking Distance, looks to be a fascinating mix of autobiography, philosophy and reportage, and we can’t wait to see the end result:

Walking Distance is Lizzy Stewart's poignant and contemporary essay on the experience of being a woman out walking. Merging the personal and the political, observation and contemplation, Lizzy examines what her life is and wonders what it should be; what is expected of a thirty year old woman by society, by family and friends and by herself. She walks the streets of her London, creating it and herself. Gaining agency by being in control of her own direction, speed and momentum. Walking is both an internal and external experience. A time for self-reflection, for observing others and for imagining how we appear to them. What is expected of a person of our age, sex and race and how should that influence what we do and how we feel about ourselves? A meditation on gender politics, social commentary and eighties movies, interlaced with shards of autobiography and illustrated with a beautiful series of sequential and non-sequential watercolour images.”

Both books are of course produced to the highest standard by our good friends at Avery Hill, and we’ll have ample copies of both plus the creator’s other works available on the night!

So bring yourself along on Friday 4th October, 7-9pm, to raise a glass and toast these two terrific new additions to British comics! If you can’t make it, you can preorder signed copies of the books on our webstore now (click on the titles of each for link): The Tower in the Sea and Walking Distance.

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