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Alphonse, There's Mud on the Ceiling Launch Party


We’ll have the amazing Daisy Hirst here on Monday 3rd of June, 7-9 pm to celebrate the release of her new picture book, Alphonse, There’s Mud on the Ceiling!

This is Daisy’s third book starring Natalie and her little brother Alphonse, all done in a bold, colourful style that does a brilliant job of capturing the chaotic joy of small children. Expect a tale about mud and sticks, living in a flat in the city and being wild.


Natalie and Alphonse mostly like living in a flat on the seventh floor. They love playing drive the double-decker bed and doing roly-polies in the hall. But when the two monster siblings invent a game of wriggly worms in the jungle ... oh dear! “OW!” SHFLWUMP! That is not a good game for indoors! Will this adorably rambunctious pair ever manage to create a magical, wild camping experience in their little apartment?

Daisy will be here from 7-9pm on Monday the 3rd of June, so come along and get yourself a copy signed for the young folks in your life (or even for yourself if you’ve got good taste!).

Can’t make it? You can pre-order a signed copy from the webstore now, or email us on if you’d like to get another of Daisy’s books signed for mail order or collection.

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