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Hilda Kids Workshop with Luke Pearson


The one and only Luke Pearson, creator of Netflix sensation Hilda, will be here for a kids drawing workshop on Saturday August 31st from 11am - 1pm to help launch the newest Hilda graphic novel, Hilda and the Mountain King! Not only that, but we’ll also be launching a Gosh Exclusive Bookplate Edition of the book, with all new art created for us by Luke!

hildanomore bookplate - flat.png

The Hilda series is a genuine sensation, from its humble roots as a part of Nobrow’s 17x23 series to its current status as a worldwide animated hit. At the heart of it are Luke’s beautiful books, infused with the whimsy, heart and intelligence that have made it so beloved by readers young and old. Hilda and the Mountain King, the sixth book in the series, is no exception.

We rejoin our heroine for her latest adventure just as she awakes to find herself…in the body of a troll! Her mum is worried sick, and now has to deal with the strange creature that seems to have taken Hilda’s place. Now, both of them are in a race to be reunited before Ahlberg and his safety patrol get the chance to use their new secret weapon to lay waste to the trolls, and Hilda along with them!

To celebrate the release of the book, Luke will be at our drawing table on Saturday the 31st August from 11am-1pm to help young artists aged 6-12 bring their own imaginations to the world of Hilda! No need to book tickets, just come along and grab a seat at the table (though there may be a short wait for a vacancy, and of course we ask that parents be considerate of kids’ time at the table).

And don’t forget to pick up our Gosh! Exclusive Bookplate Edition of Hilda and the Mountain King, which is also now available to pre-order from our webstore! Luke has created us a lovely exclusive image, continuing our tradition of Hilda plates!

So bring your kids down and meet Luke Pearson, the creator of Hilda, on Saturday August 31st, 11am-1pm, for a fun drawing workshop!