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Free Comic Book Day 2019

Oh, hi. How are you? Good?

Listen, you up to anything interesting on Saturday May 4th?

Well you are now! FREE COMIC BOOK DAY, 2019 is upon us! Come one, come all, to the Free Comic Book Day Ball! *

As ever, we'll be throwing ourselves wholeheartedly into the day, so why don't you come and join us? We'll have activities and signings going all through the day, and of course, we'll have FREE COMICS. You like FREE COMICS, don't you?

And what about those comics? We'll have a massive range of FCBD 2019 titles available on the day, especially ones aimed at a younger audience. Because if comics can't be for kids, we're all doomed to future irrelevance as a cultural curiosity! We'll be opening early at 10am to accommodate the day, and do follow the guidance of our staff to make sure you queue in the right place.

Here are the rules:

  • Free comics will be available behind the counter downstairs.

  • Five per person, maximum one copy of each. No purchase required (but all purchases welcome).

  • First come, first served.

  • Be nice!


Here at Gosh we like to make FCBD a real family affair, and so we'll be kicking off as always with our popular Kids Drawing Workshop Table, where a plethora of artists will join kids aged 6-12 at our drawing table from 10am - 12.45pm. No need to book, no payment required: just pop along and join when space becomes available. Note that if you’re just coming for the kids table, you don’t need to queue with the Free Comics folk.

We've got an amazing range of artists from Rebellion (Ned Hartley), Bog Eyed Books and friends (Gary Northfield, Jamie Smart, Tor Freeman and Woodrow Phoenix) and cutting edge kids publisher Owl and Dog Books (Clauidio Ripol & Yeonju Yang)! All kids participating will also get a grab-bag of FCBD titles. You can find all the details here!

And while that's going on, we'll also have an incredible line-up of artists doing live painting in our windows! Korinna Veropoulou, Lizzy Stewart, Babak Ganjei, Lord Hurk, Claude TC and Ramsey Hassan will all be working away with paints and pens, so pop along to see some Real Live Artists at work!

Then we’ve got a wonderful group of Oni Press creators in the house for what’s sure to be a smash hit signing: John Allison (Bad Machinery), Marc Ellerby (Rick & Morty) and Sarah Graley (Kim Reaper) will all be here from 1-2pm! Full details here.

After that, clear the decks from 3-4pm for a superstar signing line-up of Mark Buckingham (Miracleman), Al Ewing (Immortal Hulk) and Jamie McKelvie (The Wicked + The Divine). Full details here.


And then we finish off the events of the day at 5-6pm with Simon Spurrier (Coda) and the three jolly gents of creative collective White Noise: Ryan O’Sullivan (Void Trip), Alex Paknadel (Friendo) and Ram V (These Savage Shores) ! Full details here.

So mark it in your diaries and get your butts down here! There are things going on all over town, all day long, so make it a West End comics day (but especially a Gosh! Comics day!)

Saturday, May 4th: Free Comic Book Day 2019. See you there!

*Still not an actual ball. Probably never will be. Well, never say never.