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Day of Dredd: Cadet Dredd Kids Workshop


Saturday the 7th September is officially The Day of Dredd, and to kick it off Ned Hartley will be here from 10.30am-12.30pm to hold a special kids drawing workshop celebrating the world of Cadet Dredd, the young readers version of Dredd introduced in the recent 2000AD Regened specials!

Since bursting into our cultural consciousness from the pages of 2000AD Prog #2, Judge Dredd has been possibly one of the greatest mainstays of British comics. A versatile storytelling vehicle, Joe Dredd (and more importantly the world of Dredd) is capable of carrying narratives as broad or serious as the creator wants them to be. From hilarious satire, through nail-biting adventure, to heartfelt drama, the character can shoulder it all, sometimes even in the same story. From the outside it might look like a mindless action spectacle, but once you’ve been drawn into the madness of Mega-City One it’ll never leave you. We all have our favourite era of Dredd!

One of the biggest issues 2000AD has had in recent years (one shared by most established comics publishers) has been bringing in younger audiences. In an attempt to address this, Rebellion have introduced 2000AD Regened, stories featuring younger versions of some of their most popular characters speaheaded, or course, by Cadet Dredd. While all the elements remain recognisable to long-time fans, there’s a lighter touch to proceedings in order to appeal to a new audience of fans as we follow the adventures of Joe Dredd, judge in training.

Ned Hartley did an excellent job of helming our Rebellion-themed drawing workshop on Free Comic Book Day, and he’s back to do it all over again! He’ll take kids through prepared drawing and storytelling materials to bring their own stories of Mega-City One to life! No need to book tickets, just come along and grab a seat at the table (though there may be a short wait for a vacancy, and of course we ask that parents be considerate of kids’ time at the table). Saturday the 7th September, 10.30am-12.30pm: be there, creep!

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