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Tommy Gun Wizards Signing


We’ve got two masters of the arcane sequential arts with us on Wednesday the 28th of August from 6 till 7 pm! Christian Ward and Sami Kivelä will be here to sign issue 1 of their new four part series from Dark Horse Comics: ‘Tommy Gun Wizards’.

Handing over the majority of the art to the hyper talented Sami Kivelä (Abbott), Christian Ward in his writing debut retells the story of Elliot Ness and the Untouchables who famously worked for years to bring down Al Capone in Chigago in the 1920s. By switching the contraband from hooch to magic, Ward has alchamised the story into a hard-boiled fantasy yarn that promises to be just as magical as his previous illustration work on the likes of Black Bolt, ODY-C and most recently Invisible Kingdom.

Dark Horse Says:

“Eliot Ness and his team of Untouchables work overtime taking on dangerous criminals that hide in the seedy underbelly of 1930s Chicago. Except in this world, Al Capone isn't dealing in alcohol, but in magic. With Lick, a drug that grants magical powers to anyone who ingests it, mobsters become wizards, ordinary men become monsters, and darker secrets than Ness can imagine lie at the heart of it all.”

We can’t wait!

Signed copies are available to pre-order via our website if you’d like one but can’t make it down to see the guys in person. Otherwise we’ll see you between 6 and 7 pm on Wednesday the 28th of August!

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