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Small Press Day at Gosh


It’s Small Press Day again, and as ever we’ll be filling the day with inspirational art and zine-making workshops, as well as producing a free zine in collaboration with our pals at Orbital Comics. Mark your calendars: Saturday the 13th July, 11 am-5 pm!

We’re all about celebrating zines, small press, self-published books and whatever the heck else you want to call them. All we know is that the unfettered creativity that runs through these publications is the lifeblood of comics: it’s the place where real innovation and experimentation can take place in an entirely self-controlled artistic laboratory. It’s also where creators have the latitude to make the mistakes that will teach them the real skill of the craft. Heck, we love it so much we dedicate twenty eight metres of prime shelf space to it as the first thing people see when they walk in the door.

So of course we’re always on-board for Small Press Day, where we’ll have a succession of workshops where special guests will work with you to work on your own comics, as well as create contributions to the special giveaway zine we will be creating on the day with our friends at Orbital Comics (who will have their own events going on through the day). There will of course be a short delay in seeing the printed edition of the zine, but this year our pals at Broken Frontier will be uploading the completed zine to their website at the end of the day!

So come along to draw along with experienced small press creators, and take the opportunity to tap their knowledge and expertise, as well as see them in action! The schedule for the day will run as follows:

11 am - 2 pm - Ben Williams Anthology
With guests Mona Glassfield, Theo Goodyer, Tom Jones, KLL, Isobel Otten and Matthew Pettit.

2 - 3 pm Body Horror and Sci-fi Workshop
With guests Lando and Alice Urbino.

3-4 pm Kadak Collective
With guests Akhila Krishnan and Janine Shroff.

4-5 pm Broken Frontier Workshop
With guests Molley May, Holly St Clair, Olivia Sualdea and Lucy Sullivan.

It’s a great line-up, so don’t miss out! Work from the guests will also be available, so bring along your pocket money and get some quality comic goodies.

It all kicks off at 11 am on Saturday the 13th July and runs throughout the day, so pick a workshop that suits you (or pick them all if you fancy it) and we’ll see you there!

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