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Tom Fowler Signing


We’ll have the brilliant Tom Fowler (Books of Magic, Rick & Morty, Doom Patrol) here signing on Saturday the 16th November, 1-2pm. Don’t miss this chance to meet one of Canada’s best cartoonists (seriously, check out his Twitter for some amazing art).

Tom first came onto our radars when he took over the art chores from Bill Wray on Monroe, the Mad Magazine strip about an angst-filled teenager. But we really sat up and took notice with the debut of the often overlooked Wildstorm series Mysterious the Unfathomable, written by Jeff Parker. A wild, funny mix of magic, monsters and madness, it’s well worth your tracking down.

Since then he has worked on projects across the industry, including notable highlights such as a small run on Venom, the Hulk Season One graphic novel, a Quantum and Woody reboot, Rick & Morty (where he made his writing debut), inking Nick Derington on Gerard Way’s Doom Patrol and most recently as the regular artist on the new Books of Magic ongoing.

We’re thrilled to have the chance to host Tom as he’s traveling in the UK. Be sure to come down and meet the man, Saturday November 16th, 1-2pm. See you there!

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