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Square Eyes Launch Party

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Friday October 19th, 7-9 pm we’ll have Anna Mill and Luke Jones will be with us to launch their first graphic novel: Square Eyes, a mind-bending and beautifully realised vision of the future, published by Jonathan Cape.

Two halves of a design and architecture practice, Anna Mill and Luke Jones first came to the comic world’s attention as the runner-up winners of the Jonathan Cape Observer Short Story Prize back in 2010 with a short story called Square Eyes. In the eight years that followed they’ve expanded it into a full length exploration of the limits and perils of digital networks, creating a highly detailed and emotionally nuanced sci-fi story unlike any other.

“Look  anyone who invents something really great has a moment where they think it's going to destroy the world.

For the first time in her life, Fin is off the network. A few months ago, she was the inventor of a programme so powerful, so unusual that she was untouchable.

Until she wasn't.

Meanwhile, people have started disappearing from the streets of the city and the technology she created might be implicated.

Square Eyes is a graphic novel about a future where the boundaries between memory, dreams and the digital world start to blur. It’s a kaleidoscopic mystery story which asks: in a city built on digital illusion, who really holds the power? What is weakness? And when is it most dangerous?”

So join Anna Mill and Luke Jones IRL for the launch of Square Eyes: Gosh Comics, Friday the 19th of October, 7-9 pm!

We hope you can make it down to celebrate this unique piece of storytelling, but if you can’t and would like something signed, copies are available for pre-order via our website.

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