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Free Comic Book Day 2018

FCBD18 Schedule.png

Please note: we're so keen to give you FREE comics, we'll be opening half an hour early, at 10am!

Psst....hey you. Yeah you. You know what's happening on Saturday, May 5th, 2018? I'll give you a clue...

Hell yeah, it is! FREE COMIC BOOK DAY, 2018! Come one, come all, to the Free Comic Book Day Ball! *

As ever, we'll be throwing ourselves wholeheartedly into the day, so why don't you come and join us? We'll have activities and signings going all through the day, and of course, we'll have FREE COMICS. You like FREE COMICS, don't you?

And what about those comics? We'll have a massive range of FCBD 2018 titles available on the day, especially ones aimed at a younger audience. Because if comics can't be for kids, we're all doomed to future irrelevance as a cultural curiosity! We'll be opening early to accommodate the day, so get in the queue nice and early. Here are the rules:

Free comics will be available behind the counter downstairs.
Five per person, maximum one copy of each.
First come, first served.

FCBD18 Kids.png

Here at Gosh we like to make FCBD a real family affair, and so we'll be kicking off as always with our popular Kids Drawing Workshop Table, where a plethora of artists will join kids aged 6-12 at our drawing table. No need to book, no payment required: just pop along and join when space becomes available. We've got an amazing range of artists from the Flying Eye Books (Ben Newman  Sandra Dieckmann & Joe Todd-Stanton), Bog Eyed Books and friends (Tor Freeman and Sarah McIntyre) and Improper Books (Laura Trinder and friends)! All kids participating will also get a grab-bag of FCBD titles.

And while that's going on, we'll also have an incredible line-up of artists doing live painting in our windows! Dan White, Crom, Lord Hurk, Lizzy Stewart, Paul Shinn and Isabel Greenberg will all be working away with paints and pens, so pop along to see some Real Live Artists at work!

FCBD Guardian.png

Then from 1-2pm, we have a Guardian Cartoonists Signing, with Stephen Collins, Tom Gauld, and Simone Lia!


You can have a little break after that if you like, but be sure to be back here for 3-4pm when we'll have a The Wicked and The Divine signing with the dynamic duo of creators! Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie will be joining us for the hour!

FCBD Allreds.png

And finally, Michael & Laura Allred will be here from 5-6pm to sign for you lucky, lucky people!

So mark it in your diaries and get your butts down here! There are things going on all over town, all day long, so make it a West End comics day (but especially a Gosh! Comics day!)

Saturday, May 5th: Free Comic Book Day 2018. See you there!

*Still not an actual ball. Maybe next year.