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Drink & Draw April Edition


It’s Drink & Draw time with our friends at Broken Frontier! We have Michael Lomon, Alexander Tucker, and DCWB! The event will be Wednesday, April 25th. 

Michael Lomon Motion Graphics Designer, Illustrator and Comic Book Artist currently eking out an existence in London. His comic work includes Oeuvre a detective story that takes place in the V&A and Criminal about a banker in a futuristic setting. He was recently featured in that

Alexander Tucker is a comic creator and musician. He studied painting at Slade School of Fine Art. He's publisher World In the Forcefield with Breakdown Press (2016). He is the co-founder of the comics anthology Sturgeon White Moss alongside Sylvia Farago. Tucker released six solo albums with Thrill Jockey Records and ATP Recordings. He is co-founder of experimental pop duo Grumbling Fur and one-half of radiophonic tape loop project IMBOGODOM. He has collaborated with musicians Charlemagne Palestine, Stephen O Malley of SUNNO))), and fine artists Mark Titchner and Marvin Gaye Chetwyn. He recently published Entity Reunion under his new imprint UNDIMENSIONED Comics.

DCWB is a comic artist and musician. recently released the comic R under Alexander Tuckers imprint UNDIMENSIONED Comics. R takes us on a journey through the utter pointlessness of war in this repetitious cycle of humanoids, flamboyant assassins and ruthless goblin killers.

This event will be Wednesday 25th February at Kings Arms pub.

Hosted by Gosh’s Nora Goldberg and Broken Frontier’s Andy Oliver! The Drink and Draw will begin at Gosh! at 6.30pm with an opportunity to buy work from the featured artists at a discounted price before heading to the evening’s location of choice.  Art supplies are provided by our sponsor Cass Art. At 7pm we will be going to a local pub, Kings Arms to begin our drinking and drawing! You can follow the event on Facebook.