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UNDIMENSIONED presents R by DCWB and Entity Reunion by Alexander Tucker Launch Party

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On the 22nd March, at 7-9pm Alexander Tucker and David CW Briggs will be here for: 

UNDIMENSIONED presents R, the new comic by artist and musician DCWB (aka David CW Briggs).

DCWB takes us on a journey through the utter pointlessness of war in this repetitious cycle of humanoids, flamboyant assassins, and ruthless goblin killers.

DCWB’s work plays with everything he love and hates about the medium, combining 1980s war comics Commando and Battle, and classic era 2000AD along with Raymond Pettibon, CF (Christopher Forgues) and outsider artists such as Henry Darger. R references Sci-Fi oddity Zardoz, THX 1138 and A Clockwork Orange, blending historic and mythical conflicts into these warped vignettes of hallucinogenic violence.

DCWB says… "I started the story in an attempt to create an endless, inhuman and pointless battle where everyone dies. I was thinking of George Orwell’s ‘1984' where enemies become allies and then go back again with no-one noticing or caring. I like the concept of setting the stories in a non specific future to satirise events in our contemporary world of drone attacks and computerised missile systems, while kids sit at home playing ultra realistic war games. We have truly caught up with 'Future War' it seems.”

UNDIMENSIONED is published by comic artist and musician Alexander Tucker, his latest comic Entity Reunion will also be available at the launch.

If you'd like to have something signed and can't make it down on the 22nd of March, at 7-9pm, please email us at

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