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READS January 2019: Black Bolt Vol. 1


It’s a new year, and Reads, our monthly reading group, isn’t skipping a beat. We’re straight into 2019 with one of our best of 2018: Black Bolt Vol 01, by Saladin Ahmed and Christian Ward!

Celebrated fantasy author Ahmed has made quite a name for himself in comics these past few years, and has recently been named as the writer who will take the reigns from G Willow Wilson when she leaves Ms Marvel later this year. Unlike many prose authors transitioning to comics, he understands the interplay between words and pictures and most importantly when the writer needs to keep quiet and let the artist speak.

And of course no artist speaks quite like Christian Ward: with his dynamic linework, innovative storytelling and eye-busting colours he occupies a unique, instantly identifiable space in the comics world. Let loose on the cosmic side of the Marvel universe, he brings the sense of alien exoticism that this tale needs in spades.

As for the story itself, we are dropped into it with no advance knowledge required. Black Bolt wakes in an alien prison with no knowledge of how or why he got there. Forced to fight for his freedom, he must uncover the secrets of his captors if he is to survive. It’s a self-contained, two-book tale filled with action and mystery.

Liked it? Hated it? Let us know! The group meets on Wednesday the 9th January from 7-9pm, and all are welcome, whether it’s your first GN or your 500th.

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