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Katie Skelly Signing

Katie Skelly.jpg

We'll be joined by the extremely talented, Katie Skelly, straight back from Thought Bubble Festival! She will be joining us for a signing on Tuesday, September 26th from 6-7pm. Afterwards she will be joining us at our monthly Drink & Draw.

We've loved Katie Skelly since Nurse Nurse, a brilliant collection of her comic shorts published by Sparkplug. Then she went onto do Operation Margarine, the story of two bad-ass biker chicks. You can also find some of her brilliant writing at the The Comics Journal, and she co-hosts the podcast Trash Twins with Sarah Horrocks. 


Our timing is perfect! Her new book, My Pretty Vampire, will just be released from Fantagraphics. 

'Clover — the “pretty” vampire of the title — is a Bardot-esque blonde who dreams of the (now dead) girl she once was four years ago before becoming a fanged bloodsucker. She is being kept prisoner by her brother, Marcel, who fears Clover will be hunted by the outside world (and who may have other, more selfish motivations as well). Clover’s curiosity, however, will not be suppressed: impetuous, sensual, strong-willed, and fearless, she plans her escape. The resultant havoc would make Dario Argento proud.'

If you can't make it but would like a signed copy, drop us an email to to arrange a reservation or a mail order.

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