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Thought Bubble Presents: James Stokoe & Marley Zarcone Signing

We've got one heck of a double header coming up in association with the amazing Thought Bubble Festival: James Stokoe and Marley Zarcone will be signing here on Friday, September 22nd, 6-7pm!

James Stokoe is the acclaimed writer and artist behind titles such as Wonton Soup, Orc Stain, Godzilla Half Century War and Aliens Dead Orbit. With a kinetic, ultra-detailed style that meshes the underground sensibilities of Vaughn Bodē with the propulsive action of Katsuhiro Otomo, any new work from him is always sure to get our little hearts a-racing!

Speaking of James, our Bookplate Edition of Aliens: Dead Orbit is now available for pre-order via our online store! The book won't be out for the signing, sadly, but get your pre-order in now so as not to miss out on this lovely pencil piece.

Marley Zarcone has made regular appearances since 2010 on DC & Vertigo titles such as Madame Xanadu, Fairest, House of Mystery and Justice League, but it was her work on the Tim Seeley-written book Effigy that really brought her to our attention. So we were very happy to see her attached to the Young Animal launch of Shade the Changing Girl, with writer Cecil Castellucci, where her clean, dynamic work manages to effortlessly switch from grounded high school drama to surreal mad-scapes.

James and Marley will be stopping here after their appearance at Thought Bubble the previous weekend. Thought Bubble, as all right-thinking comics people know, is one of the finest festivals going: a celebration of comics in their many, varied forms, with a line-up of guests that is second to none. Check out their website for information on this year's festival.

If you can't make it along on the day but would like something signed, drop us a line to to arrange a reservation or mail order.

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