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Reads #24 Donald Duck and the Golden Helmet

Reads 24 December.png

This Christmas at Gosh not all that glitters is tinsel: December's Reads pick is Donald Duck and the Golden Helmet by Carl Barks, creator of Uncle Scrooge and his bottomless money pit. No bah-humbug here however, lots of good cheer (and prizes) included with the Reads Christmas Quiz! 

Reads' Saul Taylor (hosting this month) says: 

"Many cartoonists have produced comics featuring Disney characters but most aficionados agree that the greatest of all were created by Carl Barks. He is responsible for over 700 comics for Disney, the majority featuring either Donald Duck or Uncle Scrooge (who he created). But we will be concentrating on only four of those stories, contained in the collection The Golden Helmet. As well as the title story, the book includes: Rocket Wing Saves the Day, The Think Box Bollix, and Gladstone's Terrible Secret. All were originally published in 1952, which is considered to be during the high point of Barks's creativity. At that time Disney comics creators were not credited and it wasn't until 1960 until fans knew his name, but his comics were distinctive enough that they refereed to his comics as being created by "The Good Duck Artist". The stories are fairly typical of Barks's work containing both adventure and comedic scenarios."

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