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Avery Hill Christmas Party featuring 'It's Cold in the River at Night' by Alex Potts

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We've got the good folks of Avery Hill joining us for their Christmas party and the launch of Alex Potts' new book, helping fill the Gosh halls with festive spirit! Join us on the 8th of December at 7pm, and kick off the season Gosh-style! 

It's been a great year for Avery Hill. 2017 saw them publish of a number of stand out books, including a new edition of Tillie Walden's magical realist love story I love this part, the absorbing Something City by Ellice Weaver and  the Ignatz Award-nominated Deep Space Canine with Comic Book Slumber Party, among others.

Now, to round the year off, Alex Potts' much-anticipated new work It's Cold in the River at Night takes an end-of-year bow.

"Somewhere, in an isolated corner of Western Europe, Carl and Rita rent a house on stilts. Due to the pressures of spending so much time only in each other’s company, cracks in their relationship start to appear. To relieve the pressure and secretly hoping to meet someone he can look up to who will take him on as an apprentice, Carl embarks on a search for the last remaining practitioner of an ancient local tradition. His quest brings him to a craftsman who is very different to the type of man he was hoping to find.Animator and illustrator Alex Potts' first long-form graphic novel is a psychological drama and a coming-of-age tale, where the protagonist is too old to come of age, doesn't experience any personal growth and is instead pushed to the brink of his sanity…"

We'll be launching the book (and having a Christmas tipple) with the Alex, the Avery Hill gang, and what promises to be a formidable roster of the Avery Hill creative roster right here on Friday the 8th of December from 7-9pm. Bring your Christmas cheer!

If you can't make it but would like a signed copy of Alex's book, drop us an email to to arrange a reservation or mail order.

Keep up with any updates on the Facebook event page.