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Introducing Bog Eyed Books!

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The exciting new kids comics publisher Bog Eyed Books is here to officially launch themselves, and they've brought the whole gang! Gary Northfield, Nicky Evans, Jim Medway, Alexander Matthews and Wilbur Dawbarn will all be here on Thursday, October 5th, from 7-9pm for a Bog Eyed Books Launch Party!

The brainchild of Julius Zebra creator Gary Northfield and Nicky Evans, Bog Eyed Books is dedicated to bringing the finest of kids comics to the shelves of good bookstores and tasteful book readers everywhere. And first out the gate are three great titles to tickle your funnybones:

Derek the Sheep: Let's Bee Friends by Gary Northfield - Bog Eyed Books brings you the very best Derek The Sheep stories from Gary Northfield's archives. Between 2004 and 2011 Gary Northfield created over 60 Derek the Sheep stories for British children's comic The Beano. Many have not seen the light of day since their original fleeting appearances in the famous weekly comic. 

Sgt Chip Charlton and Mister Woofles of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police by Jim Medway - From the pages of The Phoenix! Scared of horses but driven to fight crime and seek justice? 
What is a young Canadian to do? Chip Charlton joins the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, picking his daschund buddy over the conventional equine sidekick. Sgt Chip soon proves the naysayers wrong, and time after time, crime after crime, demonstrates how even a weak stomach is no obstacle to following your dream. Three cheers for Sgt. Chip Charlton and Mr Woofles of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police!

Useleus: A Greek Oddity by Alexander Matthews & Wilbur Dawbarn - Embark on the craziest odyssey through Ancient Greece, alongside its most hopeless hero, Useleus and his long-suffering teacher, the legendary Minotaur! An Asterix for the 21st Century, Useleus is skilfully written by Alexander Matthews and nimbly drawn by Wilbur Dawbarn. Leaping from the hallowed pages of popular children's weekly comic, The Phoenix, Useleus channels Ancient History through the madcap eyes of two renowned Beano and Dandy creators!

So come on down and meet the whole crew. Signatures! Sketches! Possibly cake? Definitely drinks! What more could you want from a Thursday night?*

If you can't make it down but would like any books signed, drop us a line to to arrange a reservation or mail order.

Keep up to date with any updates on the Facebook event page here.

*Nothing more, that's what.