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LICAF Presents: A Talk With Jillian Tamaki

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In association with the Lakes International Comics Arts Festival, the amazing Jillian Tamaki will be here in conversation with internationally renowned comics historian Paul Gravett on Wednesday October 11th, from 7.30-9pm!

Consistently one of the most challenging, exciting talents working today, Jillian's artistic vision ranges from the smoothly rendered art of This One Summer (her award-winning collaboration with cousin Mariko), through to the sketchy experimentation bringing immediacy to her brilliant webcomic SuperMutant Magic Academy.

The full breadth of her talent is visible in her new collection from Drawn & Quarterly, Boundless. A compilation of short works from throughout her career, Boundless is a snapshot of a bold, talented, uncompromising artist. No wonder, then, that we jumped at the chance to do a limited bookplate edition of the book, not to mention enlisted Jillian as one of the artists to contribute to our range of 30th anniversary prints.

Jillian joins us thanks to the Lakes International Comics Arts Festival. The festival takes place in the Lakes District town of Kendall, hosting a dazzling array of talent, with guests this year including (along with Jillian) Sergio Aragones, Chip Zdarsky, Jason, Mariko Tamaki, Benoît Peeters, Stan Sakai & many, many more! More information on the festival, happening from October 13-15, can be found here.

We're very pleased to have the one and only Paul Gravett joining us to interview Jillian. With an unparalleled knowledge of international comics history (keep an eye out for his new book Mangasia: the Definitive Guide to Asian Comics, coming from Thames and Hudson in October), Paul is something of a national treasure when it comes to the comics form. Historian, advocate, journalist, curator, publisher: there's not much he hasn't put his hand to when it comes to the medium. Which needless to say makes him an excellent interviewer!

Jillian & Paul will be speaking from 7.30pm, and seating will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. No tickets required. We will close the store briefly at 7pm so we can set up the seating before letting people back in before things kick off.

If you'd like something signed by Jillian but can't make it down on the night, drop us a line to to arrange a reservation or mail order.

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