The Gosh! Authority 11.09.19


It’s our monthly reading group Reads this Wednesday, and we’re delving into Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips’ recent hardcover collection Bad Weekend! Come along Wednesday evening and have a chat about this terrific noir set in the comics industry . 7-9pm, no booking required, new and old alike are welcome! More details here.

We had our Day of Dredd celebrations on Saturday, with a kids workshop and of course our star-studded mega-signing. With a great turn-out of 2000AD fans young and old, the day was a real success. Thanks to the good folks of Rebellion for making it happen! If you missed out, we’ve got stacks of signed stock available in store now in our newly relocated 2000AD section by the till!

Then on Monday we hosted the launch for THREE new picture books from Two Hoots: Hamish Takes the Train by Daisy Hirst; One Fox by Kate Read; and I’m Actually Really Grown-Up Now by Masie Paradise Shearring. It was a lovely evening, and we have very limited signed stock available in store now.

Just a reminder that our new prices on new comics take effect from Wednesday (no changes on books as yet). The full list of price changes are as follows:


Writer / Artist:
Gina Siciliano

A biography of groundbreaking painter Artemisia Gentileschi, whose works in the Baroque style are considered some of the finest to follow in the footsteps of Caravaggio. While her works portraying the suffering of women in myth and biblical verse are now considered some of the finest of the period, her career at the time was overshadowed by her participation in the prosecution of her rapist Agostino Tassi. Sicilliano’s work is an unflinching look at what Gentileschi went through, and celebrates her resilience. It also draws obvious parallels to what women are still subjected to today, from sexual harassment and abuse, through to the institutionalised shaming processes that prevent so many women from reporting their abusers. Tough but essential reading.

Writer / Artist:

Pursuing similar themes, this Diane Noomin-edited anthology is a collection of women’s stories of abuses they have suffered. Featuring more than 60 female cartoonists including Emil Ferris, Aline Kominsky-Crumb, MariNaomi, Liana Finck, and Ebony Flowers, this is an unflinching look at a diverse group of women’s experiences. One of the most impressive line-ups of women cartoonists since the Twisted Sisters anthologies, this is both a showcase of incredible talent and a sobering reminder of what so many women suffer through every day.

Fabien Nury

A tale of slavery and revenge from the writer of The Death of Stalin and German-born artist Brüno. Atar Gull is a prince among his people, captured and transported to Jamaica, where he is sold into slavery by the brutal Captain Brulart. He suffers humiliation and pain at the hands of his owners, all the while biding his time to take his revenge on those who would chain him. A beautifully illustrated book that elevates itself above the exploitative subject matter.


Steve Orlando
Amancay Nahuelpan

We’re easy marks for DC’s Frankenstein. Following the dissolution of the Agents of SHADE by the mysterious Leviathan, the sword-slinging monster-fighter is back in action with a new team including Killer Croc, Lady Clayface, Orca and vampire (I, Vampire, to be precise) Andrew Bennett. Frankie is still on the trail of Melmoth, his former mentor who is also his greatest enemy. With the Multiverse in turmoil, the stakes are high for Frankenstein and his new team of monsters. Sign us up! Yep, easy marks, like I said.


Writer / Artist:
Heavy Metal

A new humour anthology from the folks behind Heavy Metal magazine. Initially planned as a one-off event, it looks like we might be seeing more of the title soon, so jump on at the ground floor. They’ve certainly roped in some great talent, with Evan Dorkin, Shannon Wheeler and Krent Able all on board for the first issue. Expect no-holds-barred irreverence from the start!


  • ANIMAL FARM GN - A lushly illustrated adaptation of the Orwell classic by Brazillian artist Odyr.

  • BLACK HAMMER 45 WORLD OF BLACK HAMMER TP - The world of Black Hammer gets its own version of the Blackhawks in the WWII-set tale by Jeff Lemire, Ray Fawkes and Matt Kindt.

  • KING THOR #1 (OF 4) - Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic reunite for a final Thor story that brings them back around to where they began: The God Butcher!

  • MARVEL MONOGRAPH TP ART OF ESAD RIBIC - A spotlight on the lovely Marvel art of Croatian artist Ribic.

  • MARVEL VISIONARIES TP JACK KIRBY - A collection of highlights from the Marvel career of The King,

  • MONSTER HC - Famed European cartoonist Enki Bilal’s tetralogy about three young people born amid the shelling of Sarajevo fighting near-future fundamentalism. Just imagine us being plunged into a dystopian ideologically-driven nightmarescape! Preposterous!

  • RIDDLER YEAR OF THE VILLAIN #1 - Little Eddie Nygma got slighted in Lex Luthor’s big gift-giving to villainkind, and he’s not happy about it! Mark Russell & Scott Godlewski tell us how that shakes out.

  • TENDERNESS OF STONES HC - Marion Fayolle’s excellent look at grief and the slow process of losing a loved one piece by agonising piece, all told in a beautiful surrealist style.

  • TREES THREE FATES #1 (OF 5) - The return of Warren Ellis & Jason Howard’s slow-burn sci-fi saga. Very happy to see this book, probably the best thing Ellis has done, back again!

  • UMBRELLA ACADEMY LIBRARY EDITION HC VOL 01 - An oversized, deluxe, extras-filled edition of the first book of Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba’s super-popular super-hero saga.

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