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It’s the Drink and Draw this Thursday, in association with our good pals at Broken Frontier! Special guests special guests Tom Woodman, Rupert Smissen, Sabba Khan and Peter Morey will be joining us to give inspiration and advice as we draw the evening away. The plan as usual is to meet at the shop from 6.30pm, where there will be the chance to buy the work of our guests, before heading off to Kings Arms at 7pm. Get all the details here!


We were packed out for the launch of Emily McGovern’s Bloodlust and Bonnets last Thursday, and pretty much sold out of copies of the book! A lovely night, and highly recommended as a fun read, even if there’s no signed copies left!


Chris Claremont
Bill Sienkiewicz

Of all the projects to come out of the Marvel 80th Anniversary one-shots reuniting classic creative teams, this is easily the one that has us the most excited. Claremont and Sienkiewicz’s Demon Bear Saga which played out in the pages of New Mutants is a high watermark of 80’s comics. The art was unlike anything most readers had seen before, and Claremont leaned heavily into Sienkiewicz’s storytelling lead, helping pave the way for greater sophistication in mainstream comics. It’s a “lost tale” featuring the classic line-up, as Warlock goes haywire after a disturbing nightmare. Kitty Pryde guest stars, and Magick’s Darkchylde alter-ego even gets a little page time.

Writer / Artist:
George Wylesol
Avery Hill

A fairly dark tale told in a wonderfully playful manner by the Baltimore-based author of Ghosts Etc, once again published by South London’s Avery Hill. It’s an apocalyptic tale of computer viruses, God, Satan and the mid-90’s internet in a narrative that puts you in the shoes of the protagonist. See, the entire book is told through screenshots of a Windows 95-style GUI in the early days of the web. To be honest, it’s best that I just show you:


Man, that is some sweet nostalgia right there. It’s a dark, funny tale that has really tickled us, and for a very limited time we have a special 12-page zine that comes free with copies of the book. The story features an in-browser game called Portal 2 Hell, and George has created the game’s instruction manual which features art and ideas that he wasn’t able to get into the book. We’ve only a limited number of these, so get in fast!

Writer / Artist:
Stjepan Šejić

The latest in DC’s adult-oriented Black Label line focuses on Harleen Quinzel, the crazed former Joker fanatic. Šejić revisits her origins as the young Dr Quinzel seeks to prove the efficacy of her madness sure on the denizens of Arkham Asylum. But in doing so, she meets a man who will change the course of her life, from mild-mannered medical professional to crazed, hammer-wielding super-villain. Eschewing the campy silliness that Harley has become known for, Šejić chooses to take a more psychological look of what went wrong and how the doomed, tragic relationship at the heart of her transformation took hold.


Tina Horn
Michael Dowling

A kink-positive science fiction tale set in a dystopian future of totalitarian sexuality, where a group of underground queer sex workers use their bondage skills to infilitrate the governmental Pleasure Centre. If that sounds like something you wouldn’t be interested in, best steer clear. Otherwise you’re in for a fun time, as Horn and Dowling deliver a fun, energetic book that Image calls “Sex Criminals in Gilead crossed with Oceans 8 - with a Sunstone twist!”

Writer / Artist: Kirk Scroggs
Publisher: DC

The latest in DC’s younger readers line of original graphic novels certainly has a…familiar look. But with a recommendation from Captain Underpants and Dog Man creator Dav Pilkey, who are we to question? Crack open the diary of Russell Weinwright, a middle-schooler who is as much plant as man. Through his journal entries and illustrations we gain an hilarious insight into the life of the boy his class bullies have dubbed “Swamp Kid”. A great Christmas gift for the younger reader in your life!


  • ANGEL TP VOL 01 - Collecting the first story arc of the recent reboot of Buffy’s moody boyfriend / arch-enemy.

  • AVENGERS LOKI UNLEASHED #1 - Another of the Marvel 80th specials reuniting classic creative teams, this time featuring Roger Stern & Ron Lim.

  • BATMAN NIGHTWALKER GN - A new YA Batman graphic novel based on the Marie Lu novel of the same name, adapted by Stuart Moore and Gosh fave Chris Wildgoose.

  • BATTLE CHASERS ANTHOLOGY TP - A definitive collection of every story published of Joe Madureira’s (sadly unfinished) fantasy series. Fun stuff, and absolutely beautiful.

  • BEZKAMP GN - An original fantasy/sci fi mash-up GN from Samuel Sattin & Jennifer Hickman.

  • DAVID MAZZUCHELLIS DAREDEVIL BORN AGAIN ARTISAN EDITION TP - An affordable edition for those too strapped for the Artist Edition, showcasing Mazzuchelli’s incredible originals (scanned by the man himself) for the Born Again atoryline.

  • GOON TP VOL 01 RAGGED RETURN TO LONELY STREET - Collecting the first arc of the welcome return of Eric Powell’s unlikely hero.

  • HEROES IN CRISIS HC - A hardcover collection of Tom King & Clay Mann’s controversial event series.

  • JIM HENSON DARK CRYSTAL AGE OF RESISTANCE #1 - A prequel to the hit Netflix series by Nicole Andelfinger & Matias Balsa.

  • OKAY WITCH GN - A superb looking kids GN from Emma Steinkeller about a young woman who discovers the somewhat complicated (i.e. witchy) legacy she has inherited.

  • PAPER GIRLS TP VOL 06 - The final volume of Brian K Vaughn and Cliff Chiang’s sci-fi saga!

  • PLOT #1 - A slice of American gothic horror courtesy of Michael Moreci, Tim Daniel & Josh Hixson.

  • SCOOBY DOO 50TH ANNIVERSARY GIANT #1 - A 100 page giant collection of Scooby stories old and new.

  • STRIKEFORCE #1 - Tini Howard and Germán Peralta spin a tale that sounds like its stepped out of the grim’n’gritty era as Blade, Angela, Spider-Woman, Wiccan, the Winter Soldier, Monica Rambeau and Daimon Hellstrom join forces.

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