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Day of Dredd is this Saturday with two different events taking place one after the other. Firstly, the Kids Cadet Workshop with Ned Hartley in store from 10:30-12:30 and afterward our Mega Signing with Dan Abnett, John Higgins, Sally Hurst and Mick McMahon. If you’re a fan of all things Dredd and 2000 AD then this is the place to be. Check out more details for the workshop here and the signing here.


And on Monday we have three special guests who are each launching their new books. Daisy Hirst with Hamish Takes the Train, Kate Read with One Fox and Maisie Paradise Shearing with I’m Actually Really Grown-Up Now. Check out the details here.

Last week, we had our launch for Tommy Gun Wizards #1, which was great. Thanks to Christand Ward and Sami Kivelä for coming down and signing copies of their lastest book, which you should definitely check out if you haven’t (here) and thank you to everyone who made it to the store.

We also had our monthly Drink and Draw last week Thursday which was loads of fun as usual, thank you to our special guests Joe Stone, Olivia Sullivan and Shangomola Edunjobi for coming by and thanks to everyone else who made it down it was a busy one. But don’t worry if you missed out we’ll be back to drinking and drawing at the end of this month.


As well as that, we had our Hilda comics workshop last Saturday where Luke Pearson came down to help some lucky kids make some comics. It was so much fun and thank you to everyone who managed to make it. And thanks again to Luke for being an amazing sport as always. Check out his new book Hilda and the Mountain King here.


We’ve got a big restock of Small Press in at the moment from Floaty World, Breakdown Press, Bronze Age Editions, Peow, Colrama and Shortbox. So if you’re in store definitely check out our Small Press Section which has some incredible talent.




Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Jim Lee, Dustin Nguyen, Andrea Sorrentino, Andre Araujo, Others
Publisher: DC

With Bendis taking the helm of a flurry of artists such as Jim Lee, Andrea Sorrentino, Nicola Scott and Dustin Nguyen, Legion of Super Heroes Millenium looks to be an interesting and ambitious project. Spanning 1000 years, Bendis intends to rewrite and connect all of the future timelines within the DC universe. Starring the unlikeliest of DC heroes as she learns to cope with newfound immortality and roams through the disparate societies of Batman Beyond, Kamandi and Tommy Tomorrow, wrestling with her own inner demons and desperately trying to find her purpose in an ever-changing world. Be sure to check this one out.


Writer / Artist:
Luke Pearson
Flying Eye Books

There’s a new Hilda book out. And this one looks to be a lot of fun. Hilda and The Mountain King continues the action-packed adventures with our beloved Hilda stuck in the body of a troll trying to save all of human and troll-kind! Hilda and the Mountain King picks up from the cliff hanger in Hilda and the Stone Forest. We rejoin our heroine for her latest adventure just as she awakes to find herself in the body of a troll. Her mother is worried sick, and is perplexed by the strange creature that seems to have taken Hilda’s place. Now, both of them are in a race to be reunited before Ahlberg and his safety patrol get the chance to use their new secret weapon to lay waste to the trolls, and Hilda along with them. Pick your copy of Hilda and the Mountain King up here.


SPAWN #300
Todd McFarlane, Scott Snyde
Artist: Greg Capullo, Jason Shawn Alexander, J. Scott Campbell, Jerome Opena, Todd McFarlane
Publisher: Image

Spawn makes history with this 300th issue becoming the longest-running independent series in comic book history. To celebrate, legendary artists Todd McFarlane and Greg Capullo return with all new interior pencils, with additional art provided by Jason Shawn Alexander, J. Scott Campbell, and Jerome Ope A, a cavalcade of celebratory covers, and additional writing by Scott Snyder. If you’re a long term Spawn fan or just starting out this is definitely one not to miss.


Jody Houser
Artist: Stephen Mooney
Publisher: Marvel

Black Widow Year One. One of Marvel Comics' longest-running female heroes finally gets her due! Natasha Romanoff is the deadliest spy in the Marvel Universe and the beating heart of the Avengers. But when a mysterious figure starts exploiting her past, the Widow may have to go back to Black, and off the grid. Who can she trust in this web of deceit? And more importantly - can her friends trust her? If you love all things espionage and Black Widow this is for you.


Neal Adams
Artist: Neal Adams
Publisher: DC

Neal Adams is back doing another Batman story. This time he faces off against one of his arch villans Ras Al Ghul. Gotham City is under siege by terrorists, and Batman is determined to find the source. But when Boston Brand tries to intervene, he discovers an even more disturbing and deadly truth: the terrorists are led by an inhuman monster. Ra's al Ghul has volunteered his own private security force to aid the GCPD, and now they are the only thing standing between nuclear terror and the townspeople. But al Ghul's true goal is hidden from everyone's eyes. Will he destroy the city and kill Batman-this time for good? Also watching in horror is... Bruce Wayne himself? Can’t wait for what unfolds in this story.


alpha flight.png
  • ALPHA FLIGHT TRUE NORTH #1 - Join the greatest creators the Great White North has to offer as we unearth the secret history of the classic Alpha Flight stalwarts.

  • ARCHIE & FRIENDS BACK TO SCHOOL #1 - This new issue of Archie and Friends features Archie being a guide for incoming freshmen at Riverdale High.

  • BATMAN DAMNED HC- The Joker is dead. But whether Batman finally snapped his neck or some other sinister force in Gotham City did the deed is still a mystery. The HC of the extremely popular Black Label Series.

  • BATTLEPUG #1 - It's been a few years since the last Kinmundian saved the world with the help of his faithful Battlepug, but a new threat arises.

  • DCEASED A GOOD DAY TO DIE #1 - Mr. Terrific assembles a motley group of surviving heroes including Mister Miracle, Big Barda, John Constantine, Blue Beetle and Booster Gold as they attempt to fight back against the tide of death.

  • EVERYTHING #1 - Everything is a gleaming new mega-department store which arrives to extraordinary thrill-and rapidly escalates to inexplicable mania in the small town of Holland, Michigan.

  • GHOST SPIDER ANNUAL #1 - Ghost-Spider Battles For Her Life In Murderworld!

  • HARLEY QUINN & POISON IVY #1 (OF 6) - After the events of Heroes in Crisis, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy are taking their show on the road in this new miniseries by Jody Houser.

  • MYSTERE #1 - When mysterious deaths begin popping up too close to home, Mary must become Mystere once again to stop the horror that is being unleashed on her newfound home.

  • PRETTY DEADLY RAT #1 (OF 5) Kelly Sue DeConnick (Bitch planet, Captain Marvel) and Emma R Os (Mirror, I.D.) begin a new chapter of Pretty Deadly in the dark and deadly golden era of Hollywood .

  • SOMETHING IS KILLING CHILDREN #1 - Award-winning writer James Tynion IV (Memetic, Batman: Detective Comics) teams with artist Werther Dell'Edera (Briggs Land) for an all-new limited series about staring into the abyss to find your worst fears staring back.

  • AMAZING SPIDER-MAN GOING BIG #1 - Legends Gerry Conway, Erik Larsen and Mark Bagley team up for a new Spidey story that'll keep you guessing.

  • VENOM UNLEASHED TP VOL 01 - Donny Cates is back with the collected Sinister tales from the web of Venom.

That’s your lot folks. See you next time.


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