The Gosh! Authority 14.08.19

Hey folks!

It’s time for our monthly reading group, Reads, this Wednesday evening, 7-9pm! This time we’ll be bring Julian Voloj & Søren Mosdal’s Art Masters: Basquiat to the table for discussion. It’s a spirited biography of the iconic artist, now available in English thanks to the folks at Selfmadehero. The book is still on sale at 10% off if you fancy grabbing one at the last minute to chat about on the night! Click here for more details.

So listen, it’s a slightly jet-lagged Andrew here, back from two weeks at the bottom of the world, and with Joe off and a ton of work to catch up on, we might do things a little differently (and perhaps slightly more quickly) this week. So join me, as we go on a whirlwind tour of the week’s new releases that I like to call GOSH POP! Or…uhh…ANDREW’S ACCOLADES! Or…WEDNESDAY…umm…WINNERS?

Anyway….BULLETPOINTS! Starting with a few that really stand out…

  • New Kieron Gillen joint ONCE AND FUTURE #1 debuts this week with a strong looking first issue. With Klaus’ Dan Mora on art duties, this is looking to be a very strong release. It’s a fantasy adventure tale with a good deal to say about nationalism and myth, so pretty appropriate for the times. We’ll be limiting to one per customer to ensure as many people as possible get their hands on a copy for standard cover price!

If you’ve been enjoying Esad Ribic’s incredible Conan covers, you’ll be wanting to jump on CONAN EXODUS #1, a fully painted, silent tale of Conan’s first journey beyond the borders of Cimmeria. Honestly, we’ve seen some preview pages and this book looks spectacular. Grab it while you have the chance. (Don’t worry, Conan subscribers, we’ve got you sorted).

  • And lastly, we’re very interested in THE WHITE TREES #1, the first issue of a two-parter by Chip Zdarsky, Kris Anka and Matt Wilson. It’s a bit of a getting-the-band-back-together tale set in a new fantasy world called Blacksand, as three old teammates must come back together despite a fractious history to find their missing children and stop an impending war. Should be a good read, we reckon!

And now the best of the rest!

  • Symbiote fans, rejoice! You’ve got two tie-ins this week in the form of ABSOLUTE CARNAGE SCREAM #1 by Cullen Bunn & Gerardo Sandoval & ABSOLUTE CARNAGE SEPARATION ANXIETY #1 by Clay Chapman & Brian Level.

  • AGE OF CONAN VALERIA #1 is a new Conan spin-off featuring the co-star of Red Nails (i.e. the best Conan story), by Meredith Finch the single-named Aneke.

  • We’ve got a splendid new edition of the CYCLE OF THE WEREWOLF ILLUSTRATED NOVEL this week, the classic novella illustrated by Bernie Wrightson (made into a not-so-classic movie that I still have fond memories of).

  • GWENPOOL STRIKES BACK #1 sees the return of the little variant cover gag that could, by Leah Williams & David Baldeon.

  • OMNI #1 is the latest in Humanoids’ new superhero line, with Devin Grayson & Alitha Martinez on creative duties.

  • PUNISHER KILL KREW #1 spins out of the events of War of the Realms, as Frank Castle carries out a war of vengeance across the ten realms, courtesy of Gerry Duggan & Juan Ferreyra.

  • TITANS BURNING RAGE #1 contains the new Titans stories originally released in the Walmart-exclusive 100 page giants, now repackaged for comic shops, and featuring work from Dan Jurgens, Scott Eaton & Wayne Faucher.

  • Rebellion’s reimagining of the Fleetway heroes returns in VIGILANT LEGACY as Von Hoffman gets up to his usual Nazi tricks. Simon Furman, Simon Coleby, Jake Lynch and Will Sliney tickle those nostalgia bones with a contemporary spin.

And that’s me done. Can I sleep now?


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