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Join us this Saturday for a signing of Apollo with writers Chris Baker and Matt Fitch, who will be signing copies from 1-2pm in store to mark the 50th anniversary of the moon landing (not to mention the two year anniversary of this stunning graphic novel). You should definitely pop in if you get the chance as this will be one you won’t want to miss. Details here.

Our monthly reading group, Reads, was on last week, discussing the first volume of Gengoroh Tagame’s award winning manga series My Brother’s Husband. A great night with a load of new faces. Be sure to keep an eye out for details of our next meet soon!


In case you missed it, Small Press Day went down a treat last Saturday. It was a great day with a fun bunch of creatives, and we bought in stock from the attendees, so be sure to pop into the store to check out the wide range of local, independent comics on our small press shelves. You can’t miss them, they’re right by the door! You can also check out a digital version of the free zine that we made in collaboration with the folks at Orbital Comics over at Broken Frontier!



Writer / Artist:
Simon Hanselmann
Publisher: Fantagraphics

Following on from the dramatic and hilarious events of Megg & Mogg in Amsterdam, Simon Hanselmann’s previous best-seller, Megg & Mogg are Back and bigger than ever, literally, this book is a monster, a lustrous oversized hardcover, all the better for showcasing Hanselmann’s cartooning chops. Bad Gateway feels like Hanselmann’s going all out; giving us deeper character development, more depressing, yet relatable backstory and tragi-comic events than ever before. Hanselmann is hitting his stride and it’s clear his over-arching narrative is now becoming satisfyingly cohesive. This is the Megg & Mogg story he’s been building towards and not to be missed for fans of the series.


Matt Fraction
Steve Lieber

Popular creators Fraction and Lieber resurrect the king of weirdo Silver Age titles. It’s certainly nice to see Fraction back on a superhero title, and it looks like he intends to indulge his more playful side, with references to the crazy adventures of Jimmy’s past, giant turtles and all. It’s a love letter to the comics of old, filtered through a modern storyteller’s eye, and the result is a bit of a comedic gem. We’ve seen an early preview, and it’s pretty freaking great.


Writer / Artist:
Brian Blomerth
Anthology Editions

Exploring the origins of synthetic psychedelics through the trippy visuals it can cause. This colourful non-fiction comic retells the events of the 19th April 1943 when Swiss "mystic chemist" Albert Hofmann intentionally ingested an experimental dose of the new compound known as ‘lysergic acid diethylamide’ and embarked on the world’s first ever acid trip. Formally inventive and deeply researched this detail filled visual feast and investigation into Hoffman’s life is astounding. Irrelevant of your interest in drug culture, this book is a triumph of cartooning.


Writer / Artist
: Anna Haifisch
Publisher: Breakdown Press

A wonderfully existential look at the creative process from the perspective of The Artist themselves. The Artist: The Circle of Life is the second volume of a sad, meaningful, but very funny journey into what it means to be creative. It depicts the highs and lows of committing to being an artist and the egos and trauma you may encounter. Published by our very own Tom’s Breakdown Press, Haifisch has created a very fun book and if you are a struggling artist who can’t seem to get those creative juices flowing, then this is extremely relatable and poignant content.

STL122372 (1).png

Writer: Michael Green, Mike Johnson
Andres Guinaldo

Michael Green (academy nominated writer of Logan and Blade Runner 2049) and Mike Johnson team up to write a new in-continuity story for the Blade Runner franchise. Set in neo-noir L.A, Ash - a veteran Blade Runner - has a new case to solve. A billionaire’s wife and child have apparently been kidnapped by replicants and Ash must race against the clock to save them. Whether you were a fan of 2049, or you felt it was a bloated, clunky and poorly-paced cash in, this is still an action packed and stylish addition to the franchise. Me? I’m looking forward to returning to the world of Blade Runner, I’ve got mad amounts of nostalgia for the Philip K. Dick and Ridley Scott masterpieces. Memories that will hopefully, not be lost like tears in rain….. *releases white dove into daytime blue sky*… Sorry, never saw the final cut.


  • BRAM STOKER’S DRACULA TP - Now in softcover, Roy Thomas & Mike Mignola’s adaptation of the Francis Ford Coppola film. This film’s great! And so is this trade.

  • COLLAPSER #1 (OF 6) - Mikey Way, Shaun Simon and Ilias Kyriazis join the Young Animal crew with a new mini-series about an anxiety-ridden young man who receives a black hole in the mail which takes residence in his chest and grants him superpowers. Sounds like on-brand Young Animal to us!

  • CONS DE FEE: THE EROTIC ART OF WALLACE WOOD HC - A near-complete collection of Wood’s saucy stories from various men’s magazines, most of which has never seen the light of day since its original publication!

  • DIE DIE DIE TP VOL 01 - Collecting Robert Kirkman & Chris Burnham’s ultraviolent super-spy saga.

  • GODZILLA KINGDOM OF MONSTERS TP - Collecting the entire 12-issue series in one chunky trade.

  • GUNNING FOR HITS TP - Collecting the music industry crime saga by industry insider Jeff Rougvie and the ever-reliable Moritat.

  • LAGUARDIA TP - Collecting the politically charged sci-fi mini-series from the Berger Books line by Nnedi Okorafor & Tana Ford.

  • LETS MAKE RAMEN COMIC BOOK COOKBOOK - Ramen lovers unite! Whether it’s a shoyu or a shio broth, we all love a delicious bowl of ramen. What better way to learn how to cook it than with this beautiful comic from Hugh Amano and Sarah Becan.

  • LOKI #1 - An all-new direction for the recently-deceased Gof of Mischief, by Daniel Kibblesmith & Ozgur Yildirim.

  • MILES MORALES TP VOL 01 STRAIGHT OUT OF BROOKLYN - Collecting the first arc of the new Miles Morales series by Saladin Ahmed & Javi Garron.

  • ORVILLE NEW BEGINNINGS #1 - A new series by David Goodman & David Cabeza based on Seth Macfarlane’s surprise hit show that scratches the old-school Trek itch with a good dose of comedy added for good measure.


  • RAGNAROK BREAKING OF HELHEIM #1 (OF 6) - A new series of Walt Simonson’s re-imagining of Norse myth.

  • RESONANT #1 - A new post-apocalyptic survival series by David Andry & Alejandro Aragon.

  • THEY CALLED US ENEMY TP - George Takei’s memoir of his time spent in the infamous Japanese internment camps created by the USA during World War II, created in collaboration with Justin Eisinger, Steve Scott & Harmony Becker.

  • WOLVERINE TP LONG NIGHT - Collecting the comics adaptation of the popular podcast serial.

That’s your lot for this week, folks! See you real soon!


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