The Gosh! Authority 05.06.19


Big launch event this Wednesday: we’ll have Kieron Gillen and Stephanie Hans in store for a signing to celebrate the release of DIE Vol 01: Fantasy Heartbreaker! Don’t miss this one. Get along to get your copy signed, and nab one of our exclusive bookplates while they last! More details here (and more details on the book below).

It’s our monthly reading group Reads next Wednesday the 12th, and we’ll be taking a look at Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Vol 04: I Kissed a Squirrel and I Liked It. Don’t be put off by it being a volume 4, you can jump in anywhere with this brilliantly funny, smartly meta series. Grab a copy while there’s still time, then come along for the meeting to chat about it! More details here.

We had the one and only Lucy Knisley in store last Saturday to sign copies of her new books Kid Gloves and You Are New. Lucy signed and sketched for a great turn-out of fans, and left us with some signed stock of her books new and old to boot, so get in touch if you fancy anything set aside.

And on Monday we has Daisy Hirst in to launch her new picture book Alphonse, There’s Mud On The Ceiling! We love these books, and we’re not the only ones as was evidenced by the turn-out. A lovely way to spend a Monday evening, and we’ve still got signed copies if you fancy one! (I nabbed this photo from Jonathan Rodgers’ Twitter feed as we haven’t got our official ones yet. Thanks Jonathan!)


Kieron Gillen
Stephanie Hans

Kieron’s latest book, a collaboration with his Journey Into Mystery cover artist Stephanie Hans, is an absolute smash hit. Good luck getting your hands on early issues now: far better to opt for this trade collecting the first five issues of the dark fantasy series. The pitch: a group of forty-somethings are pulled back into a fantasy world they accessed through a role-playing game in their teens. A place where they suffered terrible traumas, and where they had to leave one of their own behind. Basically: what happened to the kids from the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon? It’s a bloody good read, and we’ve even managed to get Stephanie to do us an exclusive bookplate featuring Mistress Woe. Don’t delay: order yourself one on our webstore for mail order or collection right now!


Peter David
Dale Keown

One of the seminal Hulk creative teams reunites for a very special one-shot! This will definitely tickle a few nostalgic bones for a lot of people (me included). Peter David’s run on the Incredible Hulk was the making of his career, and was notable at the time for its re-imagining of what the Hulk could be (much of which is still central to depictions of the character today), as well as its willingness to tackle subjects that were considered taboo for most mainstream comics at the time. And Dale Keown was one of his most notable collaborators, and it could be argued that run was where he really came into his style. They have reuinted once before for the Maestro-introducing Hulk: The End. This one-shot tells the story of a Bruce Banner that’s just about ready to quit being the Hulk, but then finds an enemy that might just need the power of ol’ Jade Jaws to defeat it.

Marcos Prior
David Rubin

A political satire charged with explosive ultraviolence from Prior and Rubin. We’d read an HMRC manual drawn by Rubin, so count us on board for this spit in the eye of social media manipulation and neoliberalism. But does a violent vigilante inciting the people in a repressed state to rise up really hold the answers to bring about positive change, or does he pose his own difficulties?

Mark Waid, Kwanza Osajyefo
Philippe Briones

Humanoids kick off their all-new superhero universe, with Mark Waid as showrunner working with a range of diverse voices to create something fresh and exciting. This debut title is set in a high school which has suffered a devastating, horrific attack in the previous school year. As the students slowly return to normal school life, for some it’s a more difficult transition than others. In the wake of the attack, they have been Ignited, developing supernatural abilities that will change their lives and the world around them forever.


Jed MacKay
Travel Foreman, Michael Dowling, Nao Fuji

It feels long past due, but at last Felicia Hardy gets her own ongoing series, spinning out of recent events in Amazing Spider-Man. On the run from the police and the New York thieves guild, Felicia is embroiled in a frantic game of cat’n’mouse as she battles for survival on the mean streets of NYC! Plus a back-up story revealing a secret from her past that will play out in the issues to come. Plus a bonus Marvel Meow strip by cat variant artist Nao Fuji, because why the hell not?


  • BATMAN WHITE KNIGHT HC - The Sean Murphy mega-hit mini-series gets a deluxe hardcover edition.

  • BRAVO FOR ADVENTURE TP - A softcover edition of Alex Toth’s classic Jesse Bravo stories, back in print at last!

  • CEMETERY BEACH TP - Collecting the recent Warren Ellis / Jason Howard hi-voltage action mini-series (who are back soon with a new Trees arc).

  • DREAMING TP VOL 01 - Collecting the first arc of the Sandman Universe title by Si Spurrier, Neil Gaiman, Bilquis Evely & Abigail Larson.

  • HOTEL DARE ORIGINAL GN - A new kids fantasy adventure by Terry Blas (a writer on Amazing World of Gumball) & Claudia Aguirre.

  • LADY MECHANIKA SANGRE #1 (OF 5) - The latest LM mini-series has our hero hunting a demon in the Spanish countryside.

  • LIFE ON THE MOON HC - An historical graphic novel based on the "Great Moon Hoax".

  • MARVEL ART OF SKOTTIE YOUNG HC - A collection of illustrations and short comics by the ever-popular Young.

  • MINECRAFT TP VOL 01 - An original graphic novel set in the world of Minecraft by Sfe R. Monster & Sarah Graley.

  • MIRROR THE NEST TP - The latest arc of Emma Rios & Hwei Lim’s epic fantasy series.

  • NIB EMPIRE - A collection of satire and commentary in comics form, this time looking at the lasting impact of empire.

  • SILVER METAL LOVER GN - A long-overdue new printing of Trina Robbins’ 1985 adaptation of the classic Tanith Lee science fiction novel.

  • THUMBS #1 (OF 5) - From Sean Lewis & Hayden Sherman, creators of striking sci-fi series The Few, comes a new slice of dystopian fiction. An influential social media app recruits disaffected young people to wage war against the government.

And that’s that!


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