Sneak Peek: LOEG Vol IV The Tempest Gosh! Exclusive 3-D Bookplate

It’s the end of an era as the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen takes its final bow with The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Vol IV: The Tempest! To mark the occasion - which also marks the final comics work of Messrs Moore, O’Neill & Dimagmaliw - we are working with the whole crew to create a very special final bookplate edition!

Limited to 500 numbered copies signed by Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill, the A5 plate features an original piece of work by Kevin, coloured by Ben Dimagmaliw, and processed for 3-D by Charles Barnard & Christian LeBlanc. Yes, you read that right: we’ll be producing our first ever 3-D bookplate!

We’re so excited, we thought you might like to see a little work-in-progress on the plate. First Kevin’s immaculately inked black and white illustration was delivered to us for scanning…

TEMPEST BOOK PLATE B&WART for Ben Clean 500px.png

…then Ben has worked his magic to create the (nearly) final look of the piece…


…and now it’s off to Charles & Christian for 3-D processing! We’ll be sure to show off the final product as soon as it’s available, but in the meantime you can pre-order yourself a copy on our webstore now! Don’t snooze on this, as we suspect these won’t be sticking around for long!

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