The Gosh! Authority 26.06.19



It’s Drink & Draw time with our friends at Broken Frontier! This week we are featuring guest David Biskup, Karrie Fransman and Ram V. The event will be Wednesday, June 26th. Not only is it the Fourth Anniversary of Drink & Draw but it’s also Nora’s last one hosting as she moves on from these fair Gosh shores. Not to be missed! More details here.


In case you missed it, the Perforated Eardrum launch last week was great fun, with a terrific turnout. A big thank you to Clara Heathcock and Patrick Wray for choosing us to host the launch for this amazing zine. Do pick yourself up a copy!



Writer / Artist: Ryan Andrews
First Second

A beautifully illustrated story bursting with imagination and feeling. This Was Our Pact follows a group of boys who set off to find the final destination of lanterns that are set to float downriver during the local annual lantern festival. They heading beyond the farthest point any of them have been before, and their pact is: “No one turns for home. No one looks back.” Those who keep the pact embark on a journey that would feel right at home in Studio Ghibli tale as the final unlikely pair bond over the course of an adventure that includes talking bears, crazy inventors and more. Almost certainly one of our kids best of 2019 books!

Writer / Artist: Molly Mendoza

Two kids flung from their own dimensions find kindred spirits in each other as they bounce across a succession of ever-weirder realities. Mendoza’s art on this is something to behold, with beautifully brushed inks, and changing colour schemes to denote the various dimensions in which the kids find themselves. It’s an engaging story, too, with likeable protagonists in Bloom and Gloopy, who in each other find the strength to confront what awaits them back home (if they can find their way!) Honestly, the art alone would be enough to recommend this one: that cover is just the tip of the iceberg!

Writer: Kami Garcia
Gabriel Picolo

The acclaimed co-author of the popular Beautiful Creatures YA series retells the origin of Raven for the DC Ink line, joined by artist Picolo. Perfect for superhero-curious teens who might have clocked Raven on the Titans TV show, it embraces the angst-dripping darkness of Raven Roth’s origins. Left amnesiac after a car accident that kills her parents, Raven is sent to live with relatives in New Orleans. But of course the secrets of her past, and the powers that come with them, soon present themselves in a way that threatens to upend her life (and just plain threaten the lives of those around her).

Writer: Jason Latour, Phil Lord
Jason Latour, David Lafuente

Hey Into The Spider-Verse fans (and who isn’t one?), Peter Porker the Spectacular Spider-Ham is back! The story, co-written by ITSV co-producer (not to mention Lego Movie co-director) Lord, follows everyone’s favourite porcine hero on the trail of Spider-Gwen’s dimension-hopping watch. Hi-jinks ensue, and there’s probably a little Miles Morales in there to boot. Latour - co-creator of Spider-Gwen among other things -has always had a good handle on this Spider-Verse stuff, and can certainly write a funny tale. So it should be a welcome return for Porker (and his rogues gallery such as Bull Frog and the Buzzard).

Writer: Magdalene Visaggio
Marley Zarcone

Visaggio and Marcone combine their talents to take us back to 1981, and an apocalyptic party hosted by the president’s daughter. The White House has gone dark, and Marilyn Kelleher is throwing the party to end all parties: perhaps literally. The age of MTV is ushered in as these spoiled teens break the rules of both the house and space-time. It’s all sex, drugs, rock’n’roll, government secrets, hidden passageways and long-dead historical figures!


  • ALTERED CARBON DOWNLOAD BLUES HC - An all-new graphic novel adventure for Takeshi Kovacs by novellist Richard K. Morgan along with co-writer Rik Hoskin and artist Ferran Sellares.

  • AT THE END OF YOUR TETHER #1 (OF 3) - Adam Smith & VV Glass create a thriller about a man who discovers his ex went missing a week ago, despite the fact that he had a conversation with her yesterday.

  • BATMAN DAMNED #3 (OF 3) - It’s here! The end of the controversial series hits the shelves at last.

  • CROW HACK SLASH #1 - Cassie Hack and her monstrous partner Vlad run into everyone’s favourite pale-faced goth anti-hero.

  • FEARSCAPE TP VOL 01 - Collecting the first arc of Ryan O'Sullivan & Andrea Mutti’s really rather excellent fantasy series. Fans of Sandman or Unwritten should definitely check this out.

  • HP LOVECRAFTS AT MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS VOL 01 - The first volume of Gou Tanabe’s adaptation of HP Lovecraft’s horror classic.

  • LITTLE MISS P GN VOL 01 - An anthropomorphized period roams the land visiting women each month. It’s a funny, surprisingly touching manga that wins the double-take concept award this week.

  • NOW #6 NEW COMICS ANTHOLOGY - The latest volume of Fantagraphics’ Eisner-nominated anthology series with an all-star line-up of indie creators.

  • NOT BRAND ECHH COMPLETE COLLECTION TP - Collecting the infamous 60’s Marvel parody series, plus various one-shots and shorts that have appeared since. But not What The-, which is a travesty.

  • SPAWN #298 - The countdown to the star-studded #300 starts here, with McFarlane paying tribute to his own Amazing Spider-Man #298 cover.

  • SPIDER-MAN REPTILIAN RAGE #1 - A pleasantly retro Lizard-focused one-shot by Ralph Macchio & Christopher Allen.

  • WAR OF REALMS #6 (OF 6) - The final issue!

  • WOLVERINE EXIT WOUNDS #1 - A one-shot anthology with an all-star line-up of classic Wolverine creators: Chris Claremont, Larry Hama and Sam Kieth!

  • X-MEN GRAND DESIGN X-TINCTION #2 (OF 2) - The final issue of Ed Piskor’s ambitious retelling of X-history!