The Gosh! Authority 15.05.19



Quiet week on the event front, but make sure you’ve got our upcoming signing with Lucy Knisley in your diaries. The creator of memoirs French Milk, Relish & Something New will be here to sign her new book Kid Gloves, a journal of her own experiences of conception, pregnancy and childbirth coupled with a societal and medical history of same. Lucy will be here Saturday 1st June, 1-2pm. Get all the details here!

Speaking of memoirs, we had Serena Katt here last Thursday to launch her new book Sunday’s Child. A remembrance of her grandfather through letters he wrote and her own growing realisation of the unspoken truths behind his words. Great turnout to help celebrate Serena’s GN debut! We still have limited stock of signed copies, so let us know if you’d like one!

So, Free Comic Book Day! What to say? It was a fabulous day with a mini-festival atmosphere rolling throughout the day and plenty of free comics getting into eager hands!

As ever the real craziness kicked in at the very beginning with our kids drawing table filling quickly while the queue for comics built outside. Ned Hartley, Gary Northfield, Jamie Smart, Tor Freeman, Clauidio Ripol & Yeonju Yang all did a brilliant job encouraging the young creators!

And of course we had Korinna Veropoulou, Lizzy Stewart, Babak Ganjei, Lord Hurk, Claude TC and Ramsey Hassan painting away in the windows, producing some truly spectacular art for the waiting crowds.

Then it was on to the signings! First up the Oni crew of John Allison, Marc Ellerby and Sarah Graley.

Then a superstar line-up of Mark Buckingham, Al Ewing and Jamie McKelvie for our FCBD Triple signing.

And finally, the ever-elegant Ram V representing the White Noise crew (sadly Alex Paknadel, Ryan O’Sullivan and Simon Spurrier weren’t able to make it on the day), joined by the still-signing Mark Buckingham!

What a day! Thanks to everyone who donated their time and talent to help make it so special, and of course to all the people who came down for the day, who were brilliantly behaved despite queues, crowds and waiting times. And of course, thanks to all the Gosh staff, who really give it their all on the day.


Writer / Artist:
Oni Press

The smash hit visual novel videogame comes to comics with a series of short stories focusing on each of the Maple Bay dads. Not familiar with the game? Basically, it’s a dating game chronicling the experiences of a new arrival to Maple Bay as he tries to find love with a diverse cast of dreamy dads. Learn more about the dads, their kids, and their relationships with one another in this collection of tales fully endorsed by the games creators, and keeping with the game’s attractive, accessible style.


John Layman
Afu Chan

I don’t normally put collected trades in this five to watch, but I’ll make an exception for this because I love it so damn much. A wonderfully loopy horror space opera from the writer of Chew and the artist of Immortal Iron Fists, kind of Star Trek meets Lovecraft in a future where the supernatural and the scientific exist uncomfortably beside one another. There are on-board exorcists, ghost-infested areas of deep space and starship engines powered by chained Aztec gods. Join disgraced Captain Joshua Rigg and the crew of the Charon as they journey deep into the outer darkness on a mission that might, just might, lead to a redemption of sorts. An absolute tonne of fun.


Josh Bayer, Josh Simmons
Josh Simmons, Ken Landgraf
Floating World

Josh Bayer’s mad world of Golden Age superheroics through the lens of cutting edge indie cartoonists is back, with a new home at Floating World! It’s all kicking off with this five issue mini-series, starting with this zero issue, a perfect intro to the new wave of ATC, and the first appearance of The Red Maniac! As with previous series, comic book greats work hand in hand with modern idiosyncratic voices to create a vision of superheroes unlike any you’ve seen before!


Paul Maybury
Sam Lotfi
Dark Horse

An interesting looking Boston-set supernatural crime thriller from Maybury & Lotfi. Detective Migdalia Torres investigates a strangling on a subway car, but the leads all run dry. That is until he meets a vagrant who may have an otherworldly connection to the case. It’s a book strong on atmosphere, character and a sense of place, showing a side of Boston that Maybury feels is often neglected.

Writer / Artist:
Benji Nate
Silver Sprocket

Banji Nate, creator of the super-popular Catboy, returns with Lorna, a collection of her webcomic about the titular character whose take-no-prisoners attitude is, let’s face it, pretty relatable for us all every now and then. Read along as this cat-loving misfit learns about life, love and the joy of friendship, plus the occasional rage-fuelled murder. Fun stuff!


  • BITTER ROOT TP VOL 01 FAMILY BUSINESS - David Walker, Chuck Brown & Sanford Greene’s series introducing the monster-hunting Sangerye family in its most desperate days gets a first collection.

  • CINEMA PURGATORIO #18 - Finally here, the final issue! Not to mention the second to last comics work by Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill…

  • GIANT MAN #1 (OF 3) - The size-shifting gents of the Marvel Universe team up in this War of the Realms spin-off.

  • HORROR OF COLLIER COUNTY HC - Reprinting Rich Tommaso’s classic comedy-horror GN, now fully coloured.

  • JUSTICE LEAGUE ODYSSEY TP VOL 01 - The Justice League go cosmic, courtesy of Joshua Williamson, Philippe Briones, Carmine Di Giandomenico & Stjepan Sejic.

  • MCMLXXV TP - Joe Casey and Ian MacEwan’s fun tale of a magical tire iron-wielding, monster battling cab driver in 70’s NYC gets a collection.

  • MISTER MIRACLE HC - Tom King and Mitch Gerard’s modern classic, now in a swanky hardcover edition. And yes, we’ll be packaging our exclusive bookplate with this edition too!

  • WAR OF REALMS SPIDER-MAN & LEAGUE OF REALMS #1 - Spidey gets his War of the Realms on, teaming up with representatives of all the realms in a miniseries by Sean Ryan & Nico Leon.

  • WHISPERING DARK TP - Collecting the Lovecraftian military horror by Christofer Emgard & Tomas Aira.

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