The Gosh! Authority 23.04.19


Bit of admin to kick us off: due to the Easter break, things will be slightly late out on the shelves this week. Comics are arriving with us on Wednesday to go out on Wednesday, and we can’t say exactly when. Leave it until the afternoon to be safe, and keep an eye on our social media feeds where we’ll make some noise as soon as everything is out on the shelves!



Jeff Lemire
Dustin Nguyen

It’d be something of a spoiler for the end of Descender to speak in too great a detail about Lemire and Nguyen’s follow-up to their hit space opera tale. Let’s just say that it’s set in the same universe ten years after Descender’s conclusion, and stars the offspring of two of its main characters. Set on the planet Sampson, our youthful heroine spends her time exploring the world’s wild places, and her nights avoiding capture by the vampire queen known as Mother. But everything changes with the arrival of a familiar face. It needs to be said that this series, while tied to Descender, can be read without any prior knowledge of its predecessor.

Bobby Curnow
Simon Gane

We’re always excited to see new work from Simon Gane, one of UK comics’ best-kept secrets. Definitely check out his work on They’re Not Like Us, Godzilla and Paris if you haven’t before. He’s teaming up here with writer Curnow and colourist Ian Herring for a ghost story that delivers on creepy spirits and emotional character beats. The story centres on a man who returns to his ancestral Japanese home and finds a tree which attracts the souls of the dead, including a ghost from his past. A lot of positive buzz on this book has meant IDW are sold out before it’s even hit the shelves, so get in fast (though there is a second print coming).

Nicholas Aflleje
Sarah DeLaine

An original graphic novel from a debut creative team set in the walled city of Harrar, in Ethiopia. Two girls - Sam, a foreigner living with her father who is working in the city and Lielet, a local who is bullied for her outspoken, rebellious views - bond over a mystery involving mutilated cattle. The trail seems to lead to a creature out of local folklore: the brain-eating Kerit. It’s a gripping YA tale about bravery in the face of restrictive tradition, cultural difference and a ravenous monster.

THANOS #1 (OF 6)
Tini Howard
Ariel Olivetti

Sure, Thanos is dead, but you didn’t think Marvel were going to let Avengers Endgame come and go without some kind of tie-in, right? Not to do this mini-series a disservice, as newly-minted Marvel exclusive writer Howard and ever-popular Olivetti turn the clock back to the beginnings of the relationship between Thanos and his adoptive daughter Gamora. The powerful, mad Titan is at the height of his powers, with no-one to challenge his goals or his means. No-one, that is, until he meets a young orphan who is unafraid of telling him exactly what she thinks.

Cullen Bunn
Adam Gorham

Cullen Bunn comes to Valiant, drawing on his horror roots for a mini about the punk-voodoo priestess who sells her services as a mystical mercenary. Investigating a series of murders in the New Orleans punk scene, Punk mambo is drawn into a sinister conspiracy that takes her to Haiti, and powers that are more than a match for her own. It’s all done with a good dollop of humour, equal parts Hellblazer and Buffy.


  • ALIENS HC DEAD ORBIT - A deluxe hardcover edition of Stokoe’s Aliens mini.

  • AVENGERS EDGE OF INFINITY #1 - Concluding the story from last year’s Avengers Shards of Infinity, featuring the menace of MODOK!

  • BATMAN NOIR GOTHAM BY GASLIGHT HC - Mignola’s Victorian Batman gets the Noir treatment, blown up and presented in black & white in a deluxe new hardcover.

  • COMICS EASY AS ABC HC - A new how-to-make-comics book for junior comics fans, by Ivan Brunetti. Man….remember Schizo? How did that guy end up being a brilliant creator of comics for kids?

  • DICK TRACY DEAD OR ALIVE TP - A collection of the Lee Allred, Michael Allred & Rich Tommaso mini-series starring the famous detective.

  • DICK TRACY FOREVER #1 - And a new one by Michael Avon Oeming!

  • FIREFLY HC VOL 01 UNIFICATION WAR - Collecting the first four issues of the new Firefly series by Greg Pak & Dan McDaid.

  • JUGHEAD HUNGER VS VAMPIRONICA #1 - Werewolves vs vampires as Jughead takes on Veronica!

  • MARVEL ACTION AVENGERS TP BOOK 01 - The first collection of the younger readers Avengers title produced by IDW.

  • MARVEL KNIGHTS 20TH TP - Collecting the recent mini-series celebrating the 20th anniversary of Marvel Knights, with Daredevil, the Punisher, Elektra and Black Panther.

  • QUEEN OF BAD DREAMS #1 - Danny Lore & Jordi Perez tell a tale of a cop who tracks down entities which have escaped from people’s dreams.

  • STAR TREK YEAR FIVE #1 - The five year mission of the original Enterprise actually gets its fifth year in this new series by Jackson Lanzing, Collin Kelly & Stephen Thompson.

  • STAR WARS GALAXYS EDGE #1 (OF 5) - Ethan Sacks and Will Sliney spin a tale based on the newly-opened Disney theme park attraction.

  • UMBRELLA ACADEMY PLAYING CARDS - A standard deck of cards with images of the characters from the comic series.

  • WAR OF REALMS UNCANNY X-MEN #1 (OF 3) - It’s a bit of a New Mutants reunion in this tie-in mini by Matthew Rosenberg & Pere Perez.

  • WARNING TP VOL 01 - Collecting the first arc of the recent Image sci-fi action book from Edward Laroche.

And that’s it!