The Gosh! Authority 20.03.19


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Great event this weekend: Christian Ward, artist on favourites such as ODY-C and Black Bolt, will be here to sign copies of his latest book, Invisible Kingdom! It’s one of our picks of the week, so more on it in a moment, but Christian will be here Saturday March 23rd, 1-2pm. More details here!

We’re only about 6 weeks away from Free Comic Book Day, so keep your peepers open for announcements real soon! As usual we’ll have a mix of kids drawing activities, great signings and FREE COMICS!


G Willow Wilson
Christian Ward
Dark Horse

A new space opera by Wilson and Ward, two of our favourites, with Christian’s characteristically innovative storytelling and eye-blasting colours. Two very different women- a freighter pilot and a religious acolyte -independently uncover a conspiracy between the dominant faith and the huge corporation that effectively controls their society. Drawn together, the two must wrestle with the knowledge that what they’ve uncovered might bring their society down, all the while fleeing from agents who want to silence them. It’s an idea that Wilson has been cultivating since her Vertigo days, now brought to life in collaboration with Ward. Looks like a no-brainer for fans of books such as ODY-C (to name an obvious one!) And be sure not to miss the signing!


Chip Zdarsky
Mark Bagley

This looks intriguing. The high concept is basically: what if we stuck with Spider-Man in real time since his creation, 57 years ago? It’s a mini-series that swings through the big events of the decades, following Peter Parker from his earliest days as Spider-Man to his final days in the present. Bagley is a firm favourite for many Spider-fans, and Zdarsky showed his chops on the character with his Peter Parker, Spectacular Spider-Man run, so the creative team certainly inspires confidence. We kick off in the 60’s, with Flash Thompson headed to Vietnam, and Peter having to make some tricky moral decisions about power and responsibility.

Greg Rucka
Michael Lark

The return of one of our absolute favourite ongoing series, a hard-hitting, politically complex sci-fi thriller starring one of the most memorable female protagonists in comics: Forever Carlysle, genetically enhanced enforcer for the powerful Carlysle family. Picking up from where the last run of the monthly left off, the book adopts a brand new format. Going to a quarterly schedule, it has expanded to a prestige format featuring not only 44 pages of comics story, but also short fiction, supplemental information for the role-playing game it has inspired, design sketches and of course the usual sorts of back matter that the book has always carried. Honestly, Lazarus is brilliant, and if you’ve never read it before we do still have copies of the first TPB in-stock, signed by Greg Rucka!

Josh Frank, Tim Heidecker
Manuela Pertega

Quite the project: a comics adaptation of a lost film script by The Marx Brothers and Salvador Dali. Back in the 30’s, Dali and Harpo had something of a mutual admiration society, with Dali dubbing Harpo “The American Surrealist”. Dali wrote a treatment for the brothers called Giraffes on Horseback Salad that blended slapstick and surrealism, but Louis B Mayer shot it down and it was seemingly forever buried. That is until writer and Marx-enthusiast Frank tracked a copy down at the Centre Pompidou in Paris and undertook this adaptation with comedian Heidecker and Spanish artist Pertega. The story? Err…difficult to say, but it has something to do with a businessman falling in love with The Surrealist Woman. But basically, if absurdist comedy and surrealism are your thing, you should probably check this out.


Jerome Tubiana
Alexandre Franc

The story of one of the infamous prison’s youngest prisoners, an innocent boy seized in Pakistan by security forces during a raid on his mosque and sold to American intelligence agents at the age of 14. Accused of assisting to plot a London terror attack in 1999 when he was living in Saudi Arabia and only 12 years old, he was detailed first in Kandahar before being transferred to Guantanamo Bay at the age of 15, where he was held for 7 years without trial. He was eventually released when it became clear he was only being held on circumstantial evidence provided by two unreliable sources. It’s a tragic story of injustice that Tubiana and Franc bring to vivid life in their excellent graphic novel.


  • BEASTS OF BURDEN WISE DOGS & ELDRITCH MEN HC - A lovely hardcover collection of the recent mini by Evan Dorkin and new BoB collaborator Benjamin Dewey.

  • BELZEBUBS HC - JP Ahonen’s cult hit comic strip about a occultist black metal band who also happen to be a loving family. Kind of The Partridge Family meets Call of Cthulhu.

  • BLACK PANTHER VS DEADPOOL TP - Collecting the recent mini-series that pretty much does what it says on the tin.

  • BOYS OMNIBUS TP VOL 01 - Beginning a new edition of bumper collections of the classic Ennis series, just in time for the TV show.

  • DARK RED #1 - Tim Seeley & Corin Howell spin a tale of blue collar vampirism in middle America.

  • DUNGEONS & DRAGONS A DARKENED WISH #1 - A new Forgotten Realms-set D&D tale by B Dave Walters & Tess Fowler (who brings her Rat Queens chops to the table).

  • FAMILY MAN HC - The classic Paradox Press crime saga by Jerome Charyn and Joe Staton gets a deluxe hardcover edition.

  • FIREFLY BAD COMPANY #1 - A one-shot special focusing on Saffron, by Josh Lee Gordon, Francesco Mortarino & Giuseppe Cafaro.

  • GLEIPNIR VOL 01 - Sun Takeda’s twisted (sometimes described as “S&M Pokemon” ) smash-hit manga series gets an English translation.

  • LIFE & DEATH OF TOYO HARADA #1 (OF 6) - A new mini-series focusing on the Valiant universe’s most powerful man, by Joshua Dysart, CAFU & Mico Suayan.

  • NIGHT WITCHES TP - A new edition of all three of Garth Ennis and Russell Braun’s Night Witches stories about the legendary female Russian WWII pilots.

  • RETURN OF WOLVERINE TP - Collecting the recent series chronicling the *gasp* RETURN OF WOLVERINE!

  • SPIDER-MAN CITY AT WAR #1 (OF 6) - A new mini-series set in the world of the recent smash hit Spider-Man game on PS4. (P.S. It’s a bloody good game.)

  • UNCANNY X-MEN TP VOL 01 - Collecting the entire 10 issue X-Men Dissassembled storyline from the relaunched series, leading into Age of X-Man.

And that’s your lot, folks! See you next time!