The Gosh! Authority 13.03.19


It’s our monthly reading group this Wednesday, 7-9pm, looking at Umbrella Academy Vol 01, the inspiration for the hit Netflix series. If you’re a die-hard fan, get yourself along to discuss it from 7pm with other lovely people! Everyone is welcome: you just need an opinion, an interest, and some basic civility! More details here.

Short on time and long on work this week, so let’s keep this snappy!


Darcy Van Poelgeest
Ian Bertram

The most eagerly anticpated book from Image we’ve seen in a while, written by award-winning writer and director Von Poelgeest, with art by the always amazing Ian Bertram (whose House of Penance was one of our best of 2017). It’s a twisted future where a theocratic American Empire rules with an iron fist from the city of New Vatican, and a young girl grows up as part of a Canadian resistance movement led by her mother. But the world is one filled with monsters and grotesqueries, a brutal, weird world, with flourishes of beauty and ultraviolence amid a narrative that actually has something to say. This mini-series, already garnering rave reviews from advance readers, definitely deserves your attention.

Kyle Starks
Erica Henderson

Speaking of eagerly awaited Image titles, Erica Henderson’s devoted Unbeatable Squirrel Girl fans have been waiting for her next big gig, and it’s here at last. Erica has teamed up with Rick & Morty, Kill Them All and Sexcastle writer Kyle Starks to tell a tale of double-crosses, triple-crosses, quadrupl…well, you get the idea. It’s a madcap murder romp as the world’s former greatest assassin hires the next best 20 killers for hire as his bodyguards while he attempts to get to the bottom of who exactly wants him dead. Turns out assassins aren’t the best team-players. Very funny book, with Henderson’s dynamic style a perfect match to the material.

Writer / Artist:
Eric Powell
Albatross Funny Books

He’s back! The 20th anniversary of the zombie-smooshing thug is upon us, and we’re getting a brand new ongoing series, not to mention some nice handy omnibus trades for those who need to catch up (those aren’t quite here yet). Not read The Goon before? You should: it’s filled to the brim with action, horror, humour, and - this’ll blindside ya - occasional genuine pathos. Turns out we’ve all been away: Goon and Franky return to Lonely Street after a long absence only to find it overrun with unsavoury sorts. Time to clean a few clocks!

Magdalene Visaggio
Corin Howell
Dark Horse

This is the second week in a row Visaggio has had a book in here (last week was Morning in America)! And like last week, there’s monsters to be battled, though this time in a slightly more free-wheeling, action packed manner. Kate is in a rut, engaging in self-destructive behaviour that is taking her nowhere. Her solution? Move to LA and become the best goddamn monster hunter there is. Good plan, but turns out the monsters might have other ideas, let alone the competition.

Writer / Artist:
Short Box

Those in the know can tell you: Cowboy Bebop is one of the most game-changing anime series of all time. A crazy mish-mash of genre and style with an effortless cool that many have tried to replicate but none have come close to. For a lot of people in the West, it was a gateway anime, accessible due to its Western influences while still being steeped in anime storytelling technique and language. Its 26 episodes and 1 film changed the perception of what serialised anime could be. It certainly has its fans, among them Short Box’s Zainab Akhtar, who has Kickstarted this beautiful chunky tribute zine. It’s filled to the brim with comics, essays and illustrations celebrating the iconic series by a roster of talent including (deep breath!) Nick Dragotta, Ron Wimberly, Patrick Crotty, Anabel Colazo, Freddy Carrasco, Leslie Hung, Emma Rios, Ahmara Smith, Jane Mai, Sam Wade, Will Morris, Jade Feng Lee, Vivian Ng, Naomi Butterfield, Michael Furler, Chan Chau, Molly Mendoza, David Brothers, Joseph Ruddick, Anatola Howard, Jamila Rowser, Ariel Ries, Laura Lewis, Wren McDonald, Valentin Colcomb, Paul Maybury, Deshan Tennekoon, Shenuka Corea, Peo Michie, Choo, Vivian Nguyen 'Lawey', Kris Mukai, Jemar Souza & Eric Kubli (phew!).


  • AGE OF CONAN BELIT #1 (OF 5) - A new spin-off mini-series starring the infamous pirate queen, by Tini Howard and Kate Niemczyk, with some striking Sana Takeda covers!

  • AGE OF X-MAN APOCALYPSE AND X-TRACTS #1 - The Age of X-Man continues with the adventures of Apocalypse: the immortal who wants to bring the world love, sweet love.

  • BATMAN WHO LAUGHS THE GRIM KNIGHT #1 - From the pages of Batman Who Laughs, the gun-totin’ Grim Knight gets his own spotlight, with art by Eduardo Risso!

  • BY NIGHT TP VOL 01 - The first collection of John Allison’s new dimonsion-hopping series.

  • CULT OF THE IBIS HC - A mostly silent, expressionistic graphic novel by Daria Tessler steeped in architecture and atmosphere.

  • DECADES MARVEL 60S TP SPIDER-MAN MEETS THE MARVEL UNIVERSE - The first in a series of 80th Anniversary TPBs marking key comics from each decade. In this volume, Spidey swings his way through the Marvel Universe. He’s a real swinger. Wait, that came out wrong.

  • DEFENDERS TP BEST DEFENSE - Collecting the recent one-shot series starring Hulk, Namor, Silver Surfer and Doctor Strange.

  • DETECTIVE COMICS 80 YEARS OF BATMAN HC - A collection of classic tales from the pages of Detective Comics, including essays, behind the scenes info, and a never before seen story by Paul Levitz, Denys Cowan and Bill Sienkiewicz!

  • FLCL ARCHIVES TP - A look into the production of the cult classic anime, with character and location designs, sketches & key promotional art.

  • GAMBIT TP THIEVES WORLD - Mon dieu! It it Gambit, oui? Le voleur suprême! Collecting the 2004 series.

  • INFINITE DARK TP VOL 01 - The first collection of Ryan Cady & Andrea Mutti’s excellent space-bound horror tale.

  • JUST LIKE RUBE GOLDBERG HC - A picture book by Sarah Aronson & Robert Neubecker about the great cartoonist and inventor.

  • MAGNIFICENT MS MARVEL #1 - The post-G Willow Wilson era starts here, in the safe hands of Saladin Ahmed and Minkyu Jung for this new ongoing.

  • MATA HARI SC - Collecting the Berger Books mini-series by Emma Beeby (A/CA) Ariela Kristantina, taking a fresh look at the life of the infamous spy.

  • RISE OF THE ZELPHIRE HC BOOK 01 OF BARK AND SAP - A new YA fantasy adventure series, where spirits sleeping inside children are awakened by trauma, granting them special, sometimes awful, abilities.

  • SHE COULD FLY TP - From Berger Books, Christopher Cantwell and Martin Morazzo’s tale of a teen who becomes obssessed with a mysterious flying woman after her tragic, sudden death.

  • STAR WARS AOR GENERAL GRIEVOUS #1 - The many-armed, Jedi-killing cyborg gets a one-shot tale.

  • TRANSFORMERS #1 - An all-new ongoing series telling the origins of the fan-favourite robots.

  • TROUT HC VOL 01 BITS & BOBS - Collecting all of Troy Nixey’s wonderfully weird Trout tales from his own mini-series and appearances in Dark Horse Presents.

  • UNCANNY X-MEN WINTERS END #1 - Future Iceman comes back, all grim’n’gritty-like. It’s basically a one-shot continuation of Sina Grace’s Iceman run (which wasn’t half bad) so if you liked that, pick this up!

  • VAMPIRONICA TP VOL 01 - Veronica Lake, VAMPIRE! The latest of Archie’s fun horror line.

And that’s it! Have a great week!