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The winning combo of drinking and drawing come together again this Wednesday for our monthly Drink’n’Draw in association with the good folks of Broken Frontier. Join special guests Camille Aubry, Maria Midttun, and Oscar Price for an evening of inspired sketching (drinking optional). Meet at the store from 6.30pm before heading off to the Kings Arms pub at 7pm! More details here!


The Thought Bubble festival made some exciting announcements this week, including initial guests and a big location change, moving to the town of Harrogate, near Leeds. It’s still going to have all the qualities that make it our favourite UK festival though, so start making preparations for it now. Check the website for more information.



Writer / Artist:
Lorena Alvarez

The long-awaited follow-up to Nightlights is here! Like its predecessor, Hicotea follows our heroine Sandy on a journey to another world where the narrative opens up to beautiful, engaging meditations on art and nature. On a school field trip to the river, Sandy wanders away from her classmates and discovers an empty turtle shell. Peeking through the dark hole, she suddenly finds herself within a magical realm filled with sculptures,  paintings and books. But one painting is incomplete, and the turtle needs Sandy's help to finish it. Alvarez’s work is stunning, and Nightlights is something of a modern kids GN classic. Do yourself a favour and pick up both.


Peter J. Tomasi 
Jaime Mendoza, Doug Mahnke

While I’m ostensibly mentioning this as the lead-in to the landmark issue #1000 in a couple of weeks time, I’m actually just taking the opportunity to point out that Tomasi and Mahnke have been absolutely killing it on Detective since they kicked off their run on issue #994. As the side-title to Tom King’s Batman, Detective is often overlooked, but these two have been crafting an absolutely brilliant run that is genuinely going to make #1000 an issue to watch. We don’t have all the back issues of their run, but we highly recommend either jumping on now and getting them wherever you can, or waiting for the TPB when it comes out. You won’t be disappointed!


Writer / Artist:
New York Review Comics

A rad-suited mailman in a blasted wasteland delivers mail to a bunker-bound family, and chats with them via a ventilation pipe. NYRC uncovers another classic, never before translated into English. The late French cartoonist Gébé (aka Georges Blondeau), was a legend in his home country, a contributor to the likes of Charlie Hebdo, Hara-Kiri (including a stint as chief editor) and Pilote. His work has rarely been seen in English, and this is the most substantial edition yet. Filled with gallows humour and scathing satire on consumerist living while never losing sight of the humanity of its characters, Letters to Survivors is one of those strange articles whose political relevancy is as equally applicable to today as it was in the early 80’s when it was first published.


Writer / Artist:
Alice Oseman
Hodder Children’s Books

Oseman’s incredibly popular YA webcomic, previously available in a KIckstarter edition, gets the full-blown publishing treatment from Hodder. It’s a lovely queer romance between openly gay Charlie and apparently straight Nick. Forced to sit together in class, the two become friends. Charlie falls hard for Nick, but doesn’t seem to stand a chance beyond his unrequited crush. Or does he? Oseman is something of a YA star, with her first publishing deal secured at the age of 17, and then published at 19. Charlie and Nick first appeared as incidental characters in that 2012 novel, Solitaire, and she started the webcomic as a way of exploring their story further. And volume two is already on the cards for July!

Writer / Artist:
Liz Suburbia
Silver Sprocket

Liz Suburbia’s Sacred Heart is an oddly overlooked gem, a slice of slightly twisted small town American teen life that should’ve made a much bigger splash than it did. If you’ve not read it, do yourself a favour. This week, Liz is back with a collection of short pieces, including dog dreams, modern day saints, and the first installment of the sequel to Sacred Heart, picking up ten years after the flood and piecing together why the kids of Alexandria were left to fend for themselves.


  • AGE OF X-MAN X-TREMISTS #1 (OF 5) - Psylocke, Iceman, Northstar, Blob, Jubilee and Moneta are the Age of X-Man thought police in the latest AOX mini.

  • BERSERK DELUXE EDITION HC VOL 01 - A beautiful deluxe hardcover series begins of the influential horror fantasy manga that is not for the faint of heart.

  • CAPTAIN MARVEL BRAVER & MIGHTIER #1 - Carol Danvers gets a one-shot by Jody Houser & Simone Buonfantino just in time for the movie!

  • COLD SPOTS TP - Collecting Cullen Bunn’s latest horror tale with artist Mark Torres. A tale of family and the restless dead.

  • CORTO MALTESE GN THE SECRET ROSE - The latest in IDW’s reprints of Hugo Pratt’s classic adventure series.

  • EMOTIONAL DATA ONE SHOT - Abby Jame’s bizarro sci-fi tale. One for fans of Michael DeForge.

  • EUTHANAUTS TP VOL 01 - Collecting the first arc of the Black Crown series by Tini Howard & Nick Robles, following the exploits of men and women who explore the frontiers of the afterlife. Really good!

  • GOYA THE TERRIBLE SUBLIME GN - El Torres & Fran Galan chronicle the final tormented years of the great Spanish artist.

  • GREEN LANTERN BY GEOFF JOHNS TP BOOK 01 - New bumper editions of what many consider the definitive take on Green Lantern, beginning with the return of post-Parallax / Spectre (remembe that?) Hal Jordan.

  • MAN-EATERS TP VOL 01 - Collecting the first arc of the new Image series by Chelsea Cain & Kate Niemczyk.

  • MR AND MRS X TP VOL 01 - Mon dieu! Is is ze further adventures of Rogue and Gambit, now together in holy matrimony.

  • SUPERMAN HC VOL 01 THE UNITY SAGA - The first collection of Brian Michael Bendis and Oclair Albert’s run on Superman. 

  • WEATHERMAN TP VOL 01 - The first collection of Jody LeHeup & Nathan Fox’s dystopian sci-fi tale.

  • WHEN IS HIGH MOON GN - A collection of short comic stories of various stripes by professionals from the animation industry.

And that’s your lot this week. See you next time!


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