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It’s a Reads week! This month our reading group looks at the recent Kami Garcia-written Teen Titans: Raven, the first in a series of YA reimaginings of the teen team. Everyone is welcome, and if you haven’t picked it up yet you can still take advantage of the 10% discount until Wednesday. Get all the details here!

Just an early reminder that the one and only Michael Lark will be here on Wednesday the 16th October from 6-7pm, in association with the Lakes International Comic Art Festival! Did you manage to get some Lazarus or Gotham Central signed at last year’s Greg Rucka event? Time to get the matching signature! Get all the details here.

We had B. Mure and Lizzy Stewart in last week to launch their new respective titles The Tower by the Sea and Walking Distance. Both excellent books by excellent creators! We have some signed copies of Tower by the Sea and a bookplate edition of Walking Distance, so never fear if you missed out!

We also had another double launch last week of two lovely new children’s books from Two Hoots: Starbird by Sharon King-Cha and Aesop’s Fables by Elli Woollard and Marta Altés. It was a storming night, and we’re actually sold out of signed copies! But we heartily recommend the books nonetheless.


Writer / Artist:
Chris Ware
Jonathan Cape

The long-awaited new book from one of the greatest storytellers in comic could certainly be said to be a bit of an event. Not technically a totally new work, collecting and expanding on work from recent volumes of Acme Novelty Library, it nonetheless finds new life as a cohesive whole: a meditation on the human condition told through the stories of six characters in the American Midwest. As you might expect from a Ware book, it’s dense, boldly formalist (except when he doesn’t want it to be), darkly humourous and thoroughly miserable (in a good way). Undoubtedly one of the must-reads of the year.

John Carpenter, Anthony Burch
Philip Tan, Marc Deering

Yes, you read that correctly: a Joker comic written by legendary filmmaker John Carpenter and Anthony Burch, one of the former lead writers on the Borderlands games. Quite the pairing, and to be honest we have absolutely no idea how this is going to turn out. What we do know is that the one-shot promises a twisted take on the Clown Prince of Crime as the Joker sets out to prove that no jumped-up super-villains who have taken up Lex Luthor’s offer are as villainous as him. Escalating stakes ensue in what is definitely the most intriguing of these Year of the Villain one-shots!

Warren Ellis
Bryan Hitch

Rumours of this series had been in the wind for some time, and we’re excited to see the end result in this limited series that reunites the creative team that brought us The Authority. We know that Batman is the world’s greatest detective, analysing the motives of the criminals that populate Gotham. But what we don’t see so often is the role of the victims in his investigation. Because decades of investigation, of placing himself in the lives of murder victims up to and including their demise, has left him obsessed with death. It’s an obsession that may well bring about his own end as he investigates a body with a half-eaten face. Looks like a solid, procedural-driven Batman maxi-series, and with that creative team on board we’re curious to see where it goes.

Writer / Artist:
Eleanor Davis

Davis returns to fiction with this beautifully realised story of two young people trying to balance lives filled with politics, work, ambition, idealism, apathy and parenthood (or the aspiration to parenthood). Davis is an absolute master of the form, with an eye for both craft and character, and her work shines in this lovely hardcover graphic novel. Hannah and Johnny are a couple whose lives are drifting apart even as they try to become pregnant and finish their new self-built home. Each navigates their own world of aspirations and demands and Davis invites us into their messy, ordinary lives in a relatable way which neither judges or celebrates, but rather just lets them be human.

Marco B. Bucci
Jacopo Camagni

Memento Mori RPG creator Bucci teams with his frequent collaborator Camagni to present a new urban fantasy story rooted in a dark mythos of witchcraft. I say “new”, but actually this is a translation of a hit Italian series with a great critical pedigree. Filled with unexpected twists and turns and an apparently terrific villain, this looks like a good bet for fans of dark fantasy series such as Wicked + Divine.


  • BATMAN GIANT #1 - 100 pages for £4.50? Not a bad deal, with reprints and two new short stories!

  • BLOSSOMS 666 TP - Reprinting the recent “Dark Archie-verse” mini-series with the devil-worshipping Blossom twins.

  • BOOK OF FORKS GN - The concluding book in Rob Davis’ wonderful trilogy which promises to reveal all the mysteries of previous books The Motherless Oven and The Can Opener’s Daughter.

  • BUFFY VAMPIRE SLAYER ANGEL HELLMOUTH #1 - Beginning the first demon-filled crossover of the re-imagined Buffyverse.

  • CATALYST PRIME SEVEN DAYS #1 (OF 7) - Gail Simone’s Catalyst Prime team book arrives at last, shaping the future of Lion Forge’s superhero universe.

  • COMICS JOURNAL #304 - The latest volume of the premiere magazine of comics journalism is here, headlined with an excellent Simon Hanselmann interview.

  • COMMUTE HC - Subtitled “An Illustrated Memoir of Female Shame”, Erin Williams’ recollections of sexual encounters, addiction and women’s body image is gripping, at times painful stuff.

  • CURSED HC - Frank Miller gives spot illustrations in this YA novel by Thomas Wheeler.

  • DC VILLAINS GIANT #1 - A 100 page mix of old and new stories starring DCs greatest bad guys.

  • DOCTOR DOOM #1 - Christopher Cantwell & Salvador Larroca kick off a new ongoing series starring Reed’s old buddy Victor.

  • FUTURE FIGHT FIRSTS WHITE FOX #1 - The first in a series of tie-ins featuring characters from the Marvel Future Fight mobile game.

  • JOKER HARLEY CRIMINAL SANITY #1 (OF 9) - A cat’n’mouse re-imagining of the Harley/Joker relationship as forensic psychiatrist Harley Quinn tries to solve the cold case of her old roommates’ murder. It’s Mindhunter meets Batman by Kami Garcia, Mico Suayan & Mike Mayhew.

  • MOONCAKES GN - A YA fantasy romance about a young witch and a genderqueer werewolf by Suzanne Walker & Wendy Xu.


  • QUALIFICATION HC - A new graphic biography by David Heatley reflecting on his experiences with 12-step programmes, including ones he never needed in the first place.

  • RWBY #1 (OF 7) - A new mini-series based on the hit animation.

  • SECRETS OF SINISTER HOUSE #1 - Just in time for Halloween, eight twisted tales of the DC universe, including Red Rain’s vampire Batman!

  • STRANGE SKIES OVER EAST BERLIN #1 - A slice of Cold War sci-fi horror by Jeff Loveness & Lisandro Estherren

  • THOUGHT BUBBLE ANTHOLOGY 2019 - The annual anthology organised by the Yorkshire-based comics festival arrives, with new stories from Luke Pearson, Bake Off finalist Kim-Joy and more!

  • TOWER IN THE SEA GN - The third book in B. Mure’s Ismyre series of lovely fantasy tales.

Walking Distance Bookplate.png
  • WALKING DISTANCE HC - Lizzy Stewart’s fascinating graphic novel, mixing autobiography, philosophy and politics. Beautifully illustrated, and featuring a limited Gosh! exclusive bookplate that you can order online for pick-up or delivery.

And that’s that! See you next week, folks!


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