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It’s the January Drink’n’Draw tomorrow night, in association with our pals at Broken Frontier! Get yourself down to the shop from 6.30pm to meet the special guests before heading over to the pub at 7pm. All the details are here!

Okay, slightly different format this week as I’ve been lounging around the Angoulême festival this past weekend, so we’re gonna alphabetically bullet-point our way through the week like some kind over-officious flatmate writing a patronising list of rules. With more pictures. Ready? Here we go!


  • AGE OF X-MAN ALPHA #1 - The spiritual successor to Age of Apocalypse kicks off here, so if you’re curious at all then give it a crack. Following the recent events of Uncanny X-Men, a new alternate timeline is created with Nate Grey as the mutant messiah. This will be followed by a group of mini-series, and wrapped in an Omega issue, much like AoA.

  • FIGHT CLUB 3 #1 - Chuck Palahniuk & Cameron Stewart reunite for this sequel-to-the-sequel, as Tyler Durden and Balthazar (the formerly unnamed narrator) must unify to defeat Tyler’s former protege’s and protect his unborn son.

  • GREEN RIVER KILLER HC TRUE DETECTIVE STORY - The Gosh-favourite award-winning true crime tale gets a lovely deluxe hardcover edition. Jeff Jensen & Jonathan Case tell the tale of one of the USA’s most notorious serial killer cases, a case which was led by Jensen’s father. Fascinating for its insight in to the case itself and the impact it had on the men (and their families) who worked it.

  • JAMES BROWN BLACK AND PROUD HC - A tale by Xavier Fauthoux of the soul legend’s rise to fame as he toured across small-town America, set against the backdrop of the 60’s civil rights movement.

  • JOURNEY INTO UNKNOWN WORLDS #1 - We assume Cullen Bunn must have some kind of functioning private life, but god knows how with the number of comics the man manages to write. He takes the lead on this resurrection of the classic Marvel title for their 80th anniversary. It’s two tales of extraterrestrial terror by Bunn, Clay McLeod Chapman, Francesco Manna, Lee Loughridge & Guillermo Sanna.

  • MYSTERIES OF LOVE IN SPACE #1 - Another DC themed anthology, just in time for Valentine’s day. 8 stories of super-love, by a creative line-up including James Tynion IV, Saladin Ahmed, Cecil Castellucci, Kyle Higgins, Jeff Loveness, Tom Grummett, Kyle Hotz, Elena Casagrande & Max Dunbar. DC really put some effort into these seasonal one-shots, so should be worth a look.

  • NANJING TP THE BURNING CITY - A softcover edition of Ethan Young’s 2016 Reuben Award-winning graphic novel about one of the worst atrocities of Japan’s invasion and occupation of China.

  • PETER CANNON THUNDERBOLT #1 - Local boys Kieron Gillen and Caspar Wijngaard turn a cynical eye to the classic Charlton character, reimagined as a man tasked with saving a world that, quite frankly, he’s a bit sick of. With a dark streak of humour amidst the heroics, this is probably the new book of the week!

  • POLAR HC VOL 01 CAME FROM THE COLD - A new edition of Victor Santos’ striking action thriller, out just in time for its Netflix adaptation.

  • SWORD OF AGES HC - Gabriel Rodriguez’s beautiful fantasy tale gets a hardcover collection. Fans of Heavy Metal and classic Euro-sci fi and fantasy should get on this ASAP.

  • TO DRINK & TO EAT HC VOL 01 - Guillaume Long’s comics cookery blog is collected together at last. A fun, charming introduction to French cuisine.

  • UNCANNY X-MEN 3D #1 - A 3-D reprint of the fan-favourite Uncanny X-Men #268, where Chris Claremont and Jim Lee reveal the past link between Wolverine, Captain America and Black Widow.

  • WYRD #1 - Curt Pires & Antonio Fuso bring a new supernatural detective to comics in the person of Pitor Wyrd: unaging, apparently invincible and possessed of a penchant for the strange and unexplained.

And that’s it! Normal service will be resumed next week!


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