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The big news is the change in our standing order service, which takes effect from this week! In case you missed it, we'll no longer be bagging standing order comics individually by default, in order to reduce our plastic waste. You can still have your comics bagged free of charge, but you need to opt in by dropping us an email or letting us know in person. Read the blurb above for all the details, and if you want things bagged from this week, let us know ASAP!


Couple of lovely events last week. First up, Wednesday saw John Allison and Non Pratt in house to chat about Non's new novelisation of Giant Days. It was a lively, funny evening with plenty of fascinating insight into the working process of both creators. The book is a YA cracker, and we've stiull got some signed copies on the shelves if you're interested! Pic above ganked from the Abrams Twitter feed, with thanks!


And then, in conjunction with our pals at Broken Frontier, we had our monthly Drink and Draw on Thursday, and the place was rammed to the gills! A great night as ever with guests Luke Healy, Becky Palmer and Miranda Smart on hand to offer inspiration. Make sure you get along next time! Photo courtesy of BF honcho Andy Oliver.

Okay, with holidays and extra work this week (something to do with completely changing the admin and workflow of our standing order service...), we have to keep this brief. Behold, BULLET POINTS!


  • BORDER TOWN #1 - Part of the new wave of Vertigo series that aren't Sandman spin-offs, and it certainly looks to be the most promising. It's monsters, luchadores and illegal aliens in a politically charged, extremely good-looking book by Eric M Esquivel & Ramon Villalobos!
  • DREAMING #1 - Part of the new wave of Vertigo series that ARE Sandman spin-offs, and again one of the most promising. Simon Spurrier is a dab hand at this kind of fantasy title, with Bilquis Everly adding some lovely visuals. The story picks up from the Sandman Universe one-shot, with Daniel having abandoned his post as the Lord of Dreams, leaving Lucien, Matthew and the rest scrambling about for answers.
  • COVER #1 (OF 6) - The expansion of Brian Michael Bendis' Jinxworld line at DC continues, this time reuniting Bendis with fan-favourite artist David Mack. It's a gently comedic mini-series based on the true story of a time when the worlds of espionage and comics creation intersected, all painted in Mack's signature multi-media style.
  • WAR BEARS #1 (OF 3) - While the name sounds like writer Margaret Atwood's retirement plan to sell a toy line of gun-toting ursine heroes, this book (drawn by veteran artist Ken Steacy) is actually more of a history of the Golden Age comics industry in Toronto, and the impact of the post-war years on its creators, told through the fictional lens of writer/artist Al Zurakowski , creator of the popular wartime hero Oursonette. Honestly no idea of what to expect here, but the project sounds fascinating.
  • PERDY HC VOL 01 - From Angoulême award nominee Kickly, a Western graphic novel with a difference. Seriously, how often do you find a badass Western that tackles body image and overt sexuality? Well, outside of Alejandro Jodorowsky, not often, we'd say!
  • UPGRADE SOUL GN - A Cronenbergian study of cloning and identity by McDuffie award-winner Ezra Claytan Daniels as a couple must face their disfigured doppelgangers who are otherwise their intellectual and physical superiors.
  • BULLY WARS #1 - A new all-ages title written by Skottie Young, with anarchic art by Aaron Conley. Primary school bully Rufus gets a bit of a shock when he starts high school and realises he's a very small fish in a very big pond. Now the bullied rather than the bully, he must team up with his former victims and negotiate the Bully Wars, a school ritual which determines who runs the school.


  • ASGARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #1 - See what they did there? Space opera fun with Cullen Bunn and Matteo Lolli, as they go cosmic with the Asgardians.
  • KIM REAPER VAMPIRE ISLAND #1 - Sarah Graley's wonderful queer-positive kids fantasy title returns.
  • MONSTRESS TP VOL 03 - Monstress fans, your long-awaited thrid volume is here, and boy will it satisfy your giant monster needs!
  • PRISM STALKER TP VOL 01 - Sloane Leong's sci-fi phantasmagoria gets its first collection.
  • THANOS LEGACY #1 - Donny Cates, Gerry Duggan & Cory Smith chart Thanos' journey between the end of Thanos Wins and the beginning of Infinity Wars.
  • TWISTED ROMANCE TP - Collecting Alex de Campi's romance anthology, with a stellar line-up of artists.
  • UNITED STATES VS MURDER INC #1 (OF 6) - The return of Brian Michael Bendis & Michael Avon Oeming's near future crime saga.
  • WALKING DEAD TP VOL 30 NEW WORLD ORDER - It's Christmas time for all you WD fans! New volume day!
  • X-MEN RED TP VOL 01 HATE MACHINE - Collecting the first arc of the return Jean Grey-centric X-book by Tom Taylor & Mahmud A. Asrar.


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