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It’s the biggest signing of the year for us next Monday the 24th, with three incredibly talented creators coming in to sign for you lucky, lucky people! Leslie Hung, artist on the mega-hit Bryan Lee O’Malley-penned Snotgirl? Check. Greg Rucka, writer on too many great books to count, but including Lazarus, Black Magick, Wonder Woman, Gotham Central, Stumptown, Queen & Country and on and on and on? Check? Legendary Gaijin Studios co-founder Brian Stelfreeze, lately of Black Panther fame and making his first European comic shop appearance? Check. There’s someone for everyone there, people! Get your butts down here, 6-7pm! More details here. And thanks to the good folks at the Thought Bubble festival for making this possible.

Before that, though, be sure to pop along this Thursday for a special Thought Bubble edition of Drink and Draw, with special guest artists from the US, Ben Sears and Kelsey Choo. As usual, meet at the store from 6.30pm, before heading along to the pub just before 7pm. More details here.


Last Thursday saw the launch of the new anthology from SelfMadeHero, I Feel Machine! Editors and contributors Krent Able and Julian Hanshaw were on-hand to crack the champagne over the prow of their new venture, and a lovely evening was had by all!

And the night before that, our reading group, Reads, gathered to discuss the Man Booker longlisted graphic novel Sabrina. It was, as ever, a lively discussion of one of the year’s most celebrated titles! Next month the group will be looking at the first book of Berlin, so all fans of quality comics need to mark that one in the diary: October 10th, 7-9pm.

And the other big news of the week is that we’re hiring! Shaun is leaving us, so we’re looking for a keen new staff member. Click here for more details!



Michael Allred, Lee Allred
Michael Allred, Rich Tommaso and Laura Allred

Man, this is quite the combo: Lee & Michael Allred write all new adventures of the famous yellow-jacketed detective, with Rich Tommaso on pencils, Michael Allred on inks and Laura Allred on colours. Honestly, this comic could be a breakdown of 1950’s Canadian trade deals and we’d be on board. The fact that it’s about a hero with one of the most colourful rogue’s galleries ever committed to comics makes it an absolute must-read!

Try it if you like: Bug / Spy Seal / Madman


Brian Azzarello
Lee Bermejo

You know what we’re sick and tired of? Light and fluffy Batman stories. So thank goodness DC Black Label is here, with a Batman story that brings the adult grit and gratuity that’s been so missing from Batman all this time! Okay, dropping the snark, in case you’re unaware DC Black Label is a new imprint from DC intended as a home for Elseworlds-style, adult-themed superhero comics (a bit sweary, a bit sexy, a bit violencey). And to be honest, you’d be hard pressed to find a better creative team to launch it than the guys behind the Luthor and Joker graphic novels. The set-up is this: the Joker is dead. Exhausting all normal means of detection, Batman must team up with John Constantine to discover the hellish truth of who killed the Crown Prince of Crime. Holy hellscape, Batman!

Try it if you like: Batman: Broken City / Hellblazer / Joker


Writer / Artist:
Katriona Chapman
Avery Hill

This is definitely the year that South London publishers Avery Hill went deluxe, and no project moreso than this beautiful, lush autobiographical tale of Kat Chapman’s transformative experiences in Mexico. Adrift creatively and personally, Kat and her boyfriend decide to take a trip through Mexico, a journey that will upend everything they take for granted and lead to a path of self-realization that will leave its mark on Katriona for the rest of her life.

Be sure not to miss the launch party for Follow Me In (along with Kristyna Baczynski’s new book Retrograde Orbit) on Friday 28th September, 7-9pm! Details here.

Try it if you like: Diary of a Teenage Girl / Drinking at the Movies / Everything is Flammable

Writer / Artist:
Liam Cobb
Retrofit / Big Planet

We’ve eagerly awaited every new project from local lad Liam Cobb, and this new title - a typically understated take on the fable of the frog prince - is no exception. His longest work to date, it’s an often surreal story that unfolds at its own hypnotic pace. Cobb’s use of light and dark creates a moody, almost noir-ish atmosphere within which a tale of a failing marriage unfolds. An extremely rewarding read from one of the UK’s most promising talents.

Try it if you like: Gardens of Glass / Goodbye & Other Stories / The Walking Man


Writer / Artist:
Becca Tobin
Publisher: Retrofit / Big Planet

And speaking of the UK’s most promising talents, Becca Tobin also firmly fits the bill. This short story collection serves to showcase Becca’s vibrant, playful, colourful style, a style which has previously netted them work in Youth in Decline’s Frontier series as well as jobs for Boom Studios and Pitchfork.

If you’d like to meet Becca and Liam, then don’t miss the upcoming Retrofit / Big Planet Summer Launch Party on Thursday the 18th October, 7-9pm. Yes, it’s a summer party in October, but what better time to get summer-y? More details here.

Try it if you like: Death & the Girls / Steven Universe / Adventure Time

Darin Strauss, Adam Dalva
Emma Vieceli
Dark Horse

The latest from Karen Berger’s Berger Books stable, and featuring Gosh fave Emma Vieceli on art duties! It’s the tale of a teenage orphan on the streets of a future London filled with internment camps and strange technologies. Joining girl gang The Esthers, Olivia soon discovers that she the heir to a fortune that may in fact be more trouble than it’s worth.

Try it if you like: The Nameless City / Halo Jones / Rat Queens


George Mann
Dan Boultwood

George Mann brings his extremely popular steampunk novels to comics with this series of all-new adventures starring the derring-do duo of Newbury and Hobbes. Each issue also comes with an original prose short story by Mann himself, so a great taster for those discovering this fun series for the first time, and a real treat for the fans.

Try it if you like: Doctor Who / Scarlet Traces / Girl Genius


  • AMAZING SPIDER-MAN ANNUAL #1 - Saladin Ahmed & Garry Brown flash back to tell a tale of the black costume sagas. Just what did the alien symbiote get up to while Peter Parker slept?

  • CAPTAIN AMERICA ANNUAL #1 - Tini Howard & Chris Sprouse head all the way back to WWII for this tale of Cap and Bucky protecting concentration camp escapees.

  • CODA TP VOL 01 DISCOVER NOW ED - A special limited-edition collection of the first four issues of Simon Spurrier and Matias Bergara’s post-apocalyptic fantasy. Perfect for catching up on this excellent series!

  • DESCENDER TP VOL 06 THE MACHINE WAR - The end is here! It’s the climactic collection of Jeff Lemire & Dustin Nguyen’s superb space opera.

  • ENCOUNTER TP VOL 01 - A collection of Art Baltazar, Franco & Chris Giarrusso’s all-ages superhero tale.

  • FRANKLIN RICHARDS FANTASTIC YEAR #1 - Collecting a bunch of (him again) Chris Giarrusso’s Franklin comics.

  • HCHOM BOOK - A collection of the best illustrations and essays from Marian Churchland’s groundbreaking blog.

  • INFINITY WARPS SOLDIER SUPREME #1 (OF 2) - One of the Infinity Warps to come out of Gamora’s actions in Infinity Wars #1, Dr Strange and Captain America get smooshed together to make….THE SUPER-SOLDIER SUPREME!

  • JUSTICE LEAGUE NO JUSTICE TP - Collecting Scott Snyder’s cosmic reimagining of the Justice League.

  • KOSHCHEI THE DEATHLESS TP - Mike Mignola teams once again with terrific Kiwi artist Ben Stenbeck to tell the tale of Koschei, the immortal warrior the Baba Yaga sent to kill Hellboy in Darkness Falls.

  • MONK HC - The story of jazz genius Thelonius Monk and his friendship with British baroness Pannonica de Koenigswarter, by Youssef Daoudi.

  • PATIENCE CONVICTION REVENGE #1 - A madhouse sc-fi crime story, as jilted criminal Renny takes robotic revenge on his former partners to regain his place at the table of the Los Vegas crime syndicate.

  • PETALS ORIGINAL GN HC - A silent all-ages graphic novel about the friendship between a young fox and a peculiar bird in a top hat.

  • RETURN OF WOLVERINE #1 (OF 5) - He’s back, bub! Which is basically all the information we have on this book, other than the creative team of Charles Soule and Steve McNiven.

  • SKYWARD TP VOL 01 MY LOW-G LIFE - The first arc of Joe Henderson & Lee Garbett’s tale of a young woman finding her way in a world with low gravity.

And that’s your lot!


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