We’re Hiring!

Hey folks, dust off those CVs, because recruitment time is here again! We’re looking to fill the position of Assistant to the Book Buyer.

Shaun! Come back, Shaun!

Shaun! Come back, Shaun!

Yes, Shaun is leaving us for more lucrative climes, so it’s your big chance to net that comic shop job your parents warned you about.

With a 32-year track record in the industry, we pride ourselves on being a must-visit destination. Comics  are our first and foremost passion, and we strive to bring the medium to devoted fans and curious newcomers alike.

We are searching for an Assistant to the Book Buyer, a customer-facing role that needs a good mix of people skills, knowledge, attention to detail and common sense. Applicants should demonstrate a good knowledge of the comics medium, and an eager willingness to learn more. Experience in the book trade is a definite plus, as the role will involve a great deal of book delivery processing and possibly some ordering responsibilities.

The position is full-time and permanent. Starting salary will be discussed with the successful applicant. We would ideally like a successful applicant to start no later than early November, though we would of course expect you serve out your full notice period.

We will be taking applications from now until 12pm, Friday 28th September, 2018. If you’re interested, please send us your CV along with a cover letter to introduce yourself and explain a little about why you’d like to work with us and what makes you suitable for the position. Please don’t neglect that cover letter, as it’s very important!

All applications should be made via email to info@goshlondon.com, and please be sure to include your name in the subject line.

Good luck!

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