The Gosh! Authority 19.08.18


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Reads, our monthly reading group, returns this Wednesday with a small press spotlight. Everyone can bring along their favourite small press book to show and tell with the group. No problem if nothing springs to mind, you're still welcome to come along and get some good reading tips! Things kick off here at 7pm on Wednesday August 22nd. More details here.

On not-so-fun event news, due to a delay at the printers we've been forced to cancel our Retrofit / Big Planet launch event with Becca Tobin and Liam Cobb this Thursday. We're looking to reschedule for a later date when the books are in hand!

We've been making a bit of noise about it wherever we can, but in case you missed it, we're going to be changing our S/O bagging policy. The short version is that we're going to be stopping bagging standing orders individually by default, but you can still opt into having yours bagged without any disruption of service if you let us know by the 31st August. The service change starts the 5th September, and you can opt in and out of a bagged service as you wish thereafter! For the long version and our explanation of why we're making the change, have a look over here


And lastly, just the usual Bank Holiday weekend reminder that next week's new releases (for Wednesday the 29th) will only be arriving on the day they go out. So keep an eye on our social media, where we'll make an announcement as soon as the books are on the shelf. 



Non Pratt
Publisher: Abrams

John Allison's ever-popular tale of three young women's university days in Sheffield gets its very own novelisation, courtesy of acclaimed YA author Pratt. Produced with John's blessing, Pratt takes the adaptation as an opportunity to delve far more into the inner worlds of Daisy, Susan and Esther, so while it's been made as an entry-point for non-comics readers, it's a must have for fans too.

Giant Days Novel Poster.png

And in case you missed it, we'll have John and Non both here in discussion on Wednesday the 29th August from 7.30-9pm! Come on down and get some insight into what makes this adaptation tick! Details here.

Try it if you like: Giant Days / Bad Machinery / Trouble


Roy Thomas
Artist: Mike Mignola
Publisher: IDW

Surely you mean Francis Ford Coppola's Bram Stoker's Dracula? The book that heralded the birth of Mike Mignola's baroque style, and his last work before starting on Hellboy, unavailable in any form for decades. Not to mention an adaptation of one of the most visually sumptuous, gloriously OTT films of the 90's. It's actually a pretty rock solid adaptation, as you might expect with Thomas at the helm, but obviously the art is the real star here, showcased in this deluxe hardcover edition in stunning, restored black and white.

Try it if you like: Hellboy / Tomb of Dracula / Vampire Lestat


Scott Peterson
Artist: Kelley Jones
Publisher: DC

Kelley Jones + Batman + Horror-themed Story = SOLD. The Scarecrow is front and centre as the villain here, using his powers to exploit Batman's doubts about the effectiveness of his war on crime. To be honest, Kelley Jones could draw Batman shopping for breakfast cereal and we'd still be on board, but this looks to be a fun 6-issue ride courtesy of ex-Batman editor Scott Peterson at the writing helm.

Try it if you like: Batman Red Rain / Swamp Thing / Justice League Dark


Writer: Evan Dorkin
Artist: Benjamin Dewey
Publisher: Dark Horse

While the idea of a Beasts of Burden comic not drawn by Jill Thompson seems slightly sacrilegious, we just love the animals of Burden Hill so much now that we're happy to roll with it. A blood cult operating out of a remote mountain village is the source of a series of seemingly unrelated supernatural occurrences which attract the attention of the Wise Dogs of Burden Hill. A canine mission to get to the bottom of it ensues! Thompson isn't on board this time, but writer and co-creator Dorkin is still writing the hell out of this, the most inexplicably under-adapted property in comics-dom (well, other than Juice Squeezers, but don't get me started.)

Try it if you like: Beasts of Burden / Hellboy / Harrow County


Writer / Artist:
Anders Nilson
Publisher: Fantagraphics

It's been a while since we've heard anything from Anders Nilson, author of the excellent, often overlooked Big Questions. Well, he's back with an all-new, full colour series, originally self-published but now distributed by Fantagraphics. Tongues revisits the kind of magical realism that Nilson made his name on, set in the modern Middle East, following the entwined stories of an imprisoned god, the eagle that is his jailor, an east African orphan on an errand of murder and a young, lost American boy. Keep your eyes peeled on our events page for an upcoming event with Anders, announcing soon!

Try it if you like: Big Questions / The Sculptor / Ruins


Writer / Artist:
Liv Strömquist
Publisher: Virago

Strömquist takes a bitingly satirical look at the representation of women's genitalia throughout history, and how vaginally obsessed men have managed to deny women agency over the definition of their sexuality, their bodies and even their own gender. It's a broad-ranging study that certainly doesn't pull any punches as she covers topics from the horrific to the absurd. Essential reading!

Try it if you like: Queer: A Graphic History / Love That Bunch / Dirty Plotte


Cullen Bunn
Artist: Mark Torres
Publisher: Image

A new mini-series from one-man terror machine Cullen Bunn, this time with Zombies vs Robots artist Torres. A man who abandoned his wife and unborn child returns after they disappear mysteriously, only to confront an unknown cosmic horror that seemingly revolves around his estranged daughter. The real mystery, of course, is when Cullen Bunn actually sleeps. The output of the man!

Try it if you like: Harrow County / Wytches / Locke & Key

Kelly Thompson
Artist: Stefano Caselli
Publisher: Marvel

One for the folks who like their Marvel with a good dose of tongue in cheek, as Clint Barton, Kate Bishop, America Chavez, Gwenpool, Kid Omega and...uhh...Fuse, form the all new, all different West Coast Avengers. And how to fund a broke super-team starting out from scratch? Why, a reality show, of course! Thompson has a good ear for comedy, so this should be a lot of fun.

Try it if you like: Hawkeye / America / Young Avengers


  • AVENGERS BACK TO BASICS MPGN TP - Collecting the previously digital-only shorts by Peter David.
  • BATMAN AND THE SIGNAL TP - Collecting the recent mini-series plus the All Star Batman back up stories.
  • BEST OF WITZEND HC - A distillation of the very best work from Wallace Wood's legendary independent magazine.
  • DESTROYER BY ROBERT KIRKMAN TP - Robert Kirkman and Cory Walker's ultraviolent take on the golden age hero, collected here with some vintage appearances.
  • EXIT STAGE LEFT THE SNAGGLEPUSS CHRONICLES TP - Mark Russell's satirical take on the classic Hanna-Barbera character as a Tennessee Williams-alike in the McCarthy era.
  • FANTASTIC FOUR BY HICKMAN COMPLETE COLLECTION TP VOL 01 - Beginning a full collection of Jonathan Hickman's landmark run on the First Family.
  • LIL DONNIE HC VOL 01 EXECUTIVE PRIVILEGE - Collecting Mike Norton's Trump-ripping webcomic.
  • PUNISHER #1 - Matthew Rosenberg helms another relaunch of Frank Castle, going back to basics post-War Machine armour.
  • SONIC THE HEDGEHOG VOL 01 FALLOUT TP - The beginning of the IDW era of everyone's favourite speedy hedgehog!

And that's all, folks! Thanks for coming!