The Gosh! Authority 15.08.18

Quiet week on the events front this week, but we've got a couple of goodies next week!


First up, on Thursday the 23rd, 7-9pm, we'll have Liam Cobb and Becca Tobin here to celebrate the release of their new books from Retrofit! Liam will have his new book The Prince, while Becca will have her latest graphic novel Understanding. More details here.

But before that, our reading group, Reads, meets next Wednesday the 22nd, 7-9pm, for a very special small press show-and-tell edition, where participants can bring along their favourite self-published books. As ever, everyone is welcome, new and old! More details here.


Isabel and Imogen Greenberg were here last Thursday for the release of their new children's book Athena, a retelling of the adventures of the Greek goddess. It was a rammed affair, with bubble, beer and cupcakes, all of which were snapped up double-time. Those Greenberg sisters certainly get a good turn-out!


Very exciting news on the bookplate front: earlier this year Jason Lutes' Berlin was completed at last, the culmination of 20 years work, and really one of the modern classics of comics. As well as the expected Book Three to conclude the trilogy of softcovers, Drawn & Quarterly are releasing a beautiful single-edition hardcover of the entire 22 issue series.


Needless to say we were all over that, and Jason has kindly provided us with exclusive art for a limited edition signed bookplate edition! Release is expected early September, but you can preorder on our webstore now to avoid disappointment.


And speaking of great books, we have also been lucky enough to secure a signed bookplate edition from Aminder Dhaliwal for the collection of her incredibly popular webcomic Woman World.

gosh bookplate.png

PEARL #1 (OF 6)
 Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Michael Gaydos
Publisher: Marvel

The Alias team reunite for the first creator-owned Bendis title from the DC incarnation of Jinxworld, and his first new character since Jessica Jones. Pearl is a tattoo artist and assassin for the San Francisco Yakuza who has a special ability that assists her with her work. But when she meets one of her peers from another clan, she begins to dream of a new life away from crime and violence. Unfortunately, as you might guess, that's easier said than done. Looks like a good read, with Bendis tapping back into the crime roots that made his name.

Try it if you like: Jinx / Powers / Alias


Writer / Artist: 
Publisher: Rebellion

The classic British Fleetway heroes are back in an all-new team up adventure. It's a rare foray for Rebellion into the world of superhero adventure as The Leopard from Lime Street, Steel Commando, Dr. Sin, Pete’s Pocket Army, Blake Edmonds, Yāo and Thunderbolt the Avenger team up to take on the world threatening menace of Von Hoffman and Dr Mesmer. It's a lot of fun for those familiar with the characters, and just a generally ripping good yarn for those who aren't. Simon Furman and Simon Coleby take the lead, with other guest creators chipping in throughout. 

Try it if you like: Treasury of British Comics / Albion / 2000AD


Ed Brisson
Artist: Pepe Larraz
Publisher: Marvel

A new X-event which helps to shuffle all the pieces into place for the triumphant return of Uncanny X-Men in 2019. The time-displaced original X-men are the focus here, with the steady hands of Brisson and Larraz at the wheel. It all kicks off with the discovery that the original five will be responsible for the extinction of mutants 20 years hence unless they return to their own timeline. Why? Continuity, baby!

Try it if you like: Days of Future Past / Uncanny X-Men / Age of Apocalypse

Jed MacKay
Artist: Gerardo Sandoval
Publisher: Marvel

A new Spider-Verse event is a-comin' and as with last time, we kick things off with a tour through its various denizens courtesy of a stellar line-up of creators. First, we check back in with Hobie Brown, the Spider-Punk! His Earth is under attack by alien forces, leaving him wondering if he has enough power to take on all that responsibility.

Try it if you like: Edge of the Spider-Verse / Web Warriors / What If?


Kirsten Gudsnuk
Publisher: Graphix

Henchgirl creator (and Gosh fave) Gudsnuk is back with a new YA title about 7th grader Danny dealing with the difficulties of a new class and new pressures by creating a new best friend. Literally. See, Danny is given a magical sketchbook that allows her to bring her drawings to life, so the ideal best friend is created in Madison: funny, social, effortlessly cool. But what if this newly created person doesn't want to stay your friend? Worse still, what if they discover that they're not actually real?

Try it if you like: Anya's Ghost / Henchgirl / Ghosts

 Christopher Sebela
Artist: Ro Stein, Ted Brandt
Publisher: Image

A satirical look at the world of crowdfunding and the gig economy by the writer of We(l)come Back and the artists of Raven: The Pirate Princess. Charlie Ellison is minding her own business, leading a normal, quiet life, when she's suddenly made the target of a campaign on Reapr, the assassination crowdfunding app. Now all of LA is out to get her, but all she can afford on bodyguard gig app Dfend is Vita, the lowest-rated bodyguard on the platform. So begins the fight to survive for 30 days until the campaign ends!

Try it if you like: Unfollow / We(l)come Back / Black Mirror

 Kate Gavino
Publisher: Boom

A teenage Filipino-American girl becomes obsessed with a Japanese superstition about white in the iris of the eye and the supposed bad luck it brings, all set against the social turbulence of the aftermath of the 1995 death of Mexican superstar Selena. A wonderful narrative of the universality of teenage struggles across all cultures, particularly when reaching the age of burgeoning sexual awareness.

Try it if you like: Diary of a Teenage Girl / This One Summer / Blankets


Writer/Artist: Brenna Thummler
Publisher: Lion Forge

A coming of age story about responsibility, purpose and having to age too quickly. Marjorie is nearly 13 and already responsible for the day-to-day running of the family laundromat after her mother dies and her father becomes lost in grief. Still a child, she must contend with a world that wants to take away everything she has worked so hard to maintain. Add Wendell into this mix, and things get really trying for Marjorie, because Wendell is a ghost with a dependency on sheets and a need to find some kind of purpose in the living world. It's like the original odd couple!

Try it if you like: Anya's Ghost / Dead Boy Detectives / Casper


  • BATMAN THE CAPED CRUSADER TP VOL 01 - A collection of Batman comics from the 80's, including Batman #417-425, 430-431 and Batman Annual #12. KGBeeeeast!
  • KILL OR BE KILLED TP VOL 04 - The final volume of the acclaimed Ed Brubaker / Sean Phillips collaboration!
  • MYSTICONS GN VOL 01 - Kate Leth and Megan Levens create new adventures based on the hit Nickelodeon cartoon series about four girls from different walks of life who are transformed into the legendary Mysticons!
  • OLD MAN HAWKEYE TP VOL 01 - Collecting the first arc of Clint Barton's adventures in ther Old Man Logan universe, by Ethan Sacks & Marco Checchetto.
  • STAR WARS BECKETT #1 - A tale from the past of Han Solo's rogueish mentor, as seen in the recent criminally underrated film.
  • VINEGAR TEETH TP - Collecting Troy Nixey and Damon Gentry's totally bonkers tale of a detective and his partner: a Lovecraftian, other-dimensional monster.
  • VS TP VOL 01 - Collecting Ivan Brandon and Esad Ribic's hard-hitting tale of warfare as bloodsport entertainment in a media-saturated future.
  • X-MEN ADVENTURES DIGEST TP - An all-ages digest collecting X-MEN (1963) #1 and #19, and UNCANNY X-MEN: FIRST CLASS #5-7.