The Gosh! Authority 25.07.18



It's Drink and Draw time again! Yes, once again our Nora and Broken Frontier's Andy Oliver will be descending on the Kings Arms pub for an evening of drinking (optional) and drawing (compulsory) this Thursday from 6.30-9pm! Our special guests this month are David Biskup, Bethany Hall and Will Powers, providing suitable thematic inspiration. Not need to book: interested parties should meet at Gosh from 6.30pm before heading to the pub shortly before 7pm. As ever, art supplies are kindly provided by the good folks at Cass Art. More details here.

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But before that, this Wednesday our monthly reading group Reads will be meeting here from 7-9pm to discuss The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Book One, inspiration for the upcoming Netflix show. Get it read quick and come along for a night of lively comics chat! Details here.


Cullen Bunn
Artist: Mustafa Karasu
Publisher: Boom

The current master of comics horror, Cullen Bunn, brings us another slice of uncanny dread. The hot new drug on the streets of New Orleans is made from the ashes of the dead. Needless to say, the tensions of supply and demand make for a grisly gang war. As if that weren't enough, things escalate when users begin to experience sinister visitations from beyond the grave, and those coming back have their own agenda. A fun looking hit of supernatural crime!

Try it if you like: Empty Man / Wytches / Harrow County

Aleš Kot 
Artist: Tradd Moore, Heather Moore
Publisher: Image

An oversized first issue is just another reason to try out this new sc-fi series. Kot brings his usual politically charged eye to this on-the-run narrative of an unlikely love affair in America after a second civil war. Pair that with the kinetic, eye-popping art of Tradd and Heather Moore (topped off with the design work of regular Kot collaborator Tom Muller), and you've got a must-read for fans of the genre.

Try it if you like: Mad Max: Fury Road / Romeo & Juliet / Zero


James Tynion IV
Artist: Alvaro Eduardo Martinez Bueno
Publisher: DC

We've always had a soft spot for Justice League Dark, the magic-focused team book that's teamed up with likes of Dr Fate and Detective Chimp to battle the supernatural menaces of the DC universe. The writing and art has always been solid, yet the books have always felt a little overlooked. Let's hope this latest iteration, spinning out of the pages of Justice League: No Justice fares a little better. The addition of Wonder Woman is an inspired choice, leading up the team of Zatanna, Swamp Thing, Man-Bat (YES) and, of course, Detective Chimp.

Try it if you like: Wonder Woman / Swamp Thing / Doom Patrol

Kelly Thompson
Artist: Oscar Bazaldua
Publisher: Marvel

Ask any retailer what publisher move annoyed them most in 2018, odds are on it'll be this: a book that they required retailers to order and yet gave absolutely no information on with which to decide on numbers! Seriously, all we we had to work on was a title: X Classified. The idea was to avoid spoilers, but seriously Marvel, give us a creative team at least!


Anyway, Rogue and Gambit have tied the knot and fight side by side for better or (probably) worse! Mon dieu!

(Oh, and it turns out the creative team is Thompson and Bazaldua, which bodes well, as it goes.) 

Try it if you like: Rogue / Gambit / De Bayou, Mon Amis


Paul Dini, Lee Bermejo, Gabriel Hardman, Corinna Bechko, Tim Seeley, Rod Fontana
Artist: Carlos D'Anda, Gabriel Hardman, David Williams, Otto Schmidt
Publisher: DC

Another fun anthology from DC, this time bringing on the bad guys for 10 all-new stories. Deathstroke tries to carry out a hit in a sleepy beach town, The Joker and Bizarro have a summer bonding session, and Mr Freeze struggles through a record Gotham City heatwave. DC have really lifted their game on these one-shots, bringing good talent to the table instead of just using them as the try-out dumping grounds they once were.

Try it if you like: 80 Page Giants of Old / Batman Brave and the Bold / Secret Society of Super Villains


Writer / Artist:
Publisher: Fantagraphics

An all-ages anthology intended to invoke the anarchic spirit of the old Nickelodeon magazine, masterminded by Kurdles creator Robert Goodin, with contributors such as Cathy Malkasian, Cesar Spinoza and Andrew Brandou. A kids comic that doesn't talk down to its audience full of wonderful weirdness.

Try it if you like: Adventure Time / Over the Garden Wall / Steven Universe


Don Handfield, James Haick
Artist: Rafael Loureiro
Publisher: Scout Comics

It's The Godfather meets The Breakfast Club in this 80's coming of age crime story. A mobster dies, leaving each of his high school-aged children a store in the local mall. But they quickly discover that their shopfronts are actually just that: fronts for criminal activity. High school is hard enough without the needs of the criminal underworld demanding your attention!

Try it if you like: Malls / Big Hair / Pastel Suits

Mina Elwell, Alan C. Medina
Artist: Kit Wallis
Publisher: Star Burns Industries

Get to know the cutest kid in Hell in this new miniseries from Dan Harmon's comics publishing concern. Cherry is the Devil's granddaughter, and something of a playful prankster. But humans are just a bit too flimsy and flammable for her kind of jokes, and the demons in Hell don't make for very good pals. So she sets her eye on a goth rocker who seems like just the kind of friend she wants. If only he were dead...

Try it if you like: I Hate Fairyland / Discworld (Death, in particular) / Johnny the Homicidal Maniac


  • ACTION COMICS #1001 - Bendis takes the reins, joined by artist Patrick Gleason!
  • DC UNIVERSE BY MIKE MIGNOLA TP - A softcover edition collecting Mignola's miscellaneous DC work, including Superman The World of Krypton and Phantom Stranger!
  • DOOM PATROL THE SILVER AGE TP VOL 01 - The early adventures of DC's weirdest heroes!
  • FENCE TP VOL 01 - It's drama and romance in the world of competitive fencing!
  • INFINITY WARS PRIME #1 - It's all been leading to this: the lead-in to the big GotG series that is really actually going to start aaaany time now!
  • JAMES BOND CASE FILES HC VOL 01 - Collecting four stand-alone Bond tales, including a Kieron Gillen written tale!
  • MY HERO ACADEMIA VIGILANTE VOL 01 - A new spin-off from the massively popular superhero manga.
  • PIZZASAURUS REX TP - He's a guitar-shredding, pizza-loving party animal with only one thing on his mind: BEING TOTALLY RAD, DUDE. An all ages bit of throwback fun.
  • RASPUTIN VOICE OF DRAGON TP - Collecting the recent mini-series chronicling Trevor Bruttenholm's first encounter with the mad monk!
  • SPIDER-GIRL COMPLETE COLLECTION TP VOL 01 - Collecting the classic Tom DeFalco / Ron Frenz series again at last!
  • SUPERMAN FOR ALL SEASONS TP NEW ED - Probably the best of the Jeph Loeb / Tim Sale collaborations gets a new softcover edition.
  • VENOMIZED TP - You get a Venom, you get a Venom, ALL the heroes get a Venom! Concluding the story begun in Venomverse.
  • WARFRAME TP VOL 01 - A comic series based on the popular online combat game.
  • X-MEN GRAND DESIGN SECOND GENESIS #1 - Ed Piskor's insanely ambitious chronicle of the X-Men returns with the ALL NEW X-Men!
  • ZOJAQAN COMPLETE SERIES TP - A fantasy series starring a young woman pulled from our world into the brutal, battle-scarred world of the far future.

And that's your lot, folks! See you next week!